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Grandmill is a chain of stores featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


Grandmill is the inevitable consequence of a society where jaded execs make mountains of money. The entire building is stocked with startlingly expensive and very unusual items for the self-indulgent... sort of a DAK or Sharper Image run amok. The hyper-modern decor, all sparkling white and mirrored with pointillist lighting, focuses the shoppers attention of the merchandise. Most of the stuff is not much more than stylized gizmos, but some of the items are truly novel and useful. Regardless, if its weird, these people have it in stock.

There's no organisation in the store; half the fun of shopping here is finding things you didn't know existed. Grandmill also has a voice-activated, and self-motivated computer system ("You seem lost, may i help you find something sir") to help shoppers located a specific item.

Several of the floors in the middle of the building have been ripped out. Here shoppers can find the specialty vehicle department where items like mini-subs, helicopters and yachts lie suspended in acrylic over the heads of customers below. The Vehicles are not entirely encased and customers are welcome to enter them. Should someone purchase one of these, a freight elevator at the east end of the building can carry it to the roof, where a waiting cargo chopper will deliver it from Grandmill's helipad to where the customer desires.

Security Level: 2[1]

A Branch of Grandmill is situated in Night City's City Center sector of downtown.


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