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Pacifica's biggest, ugliest temple to greed.

Placide, Cyberpunk 2077

The Grand Imperial Mall (GIM) is a location in Coastview, in the Pacifica district of Night City.


The Grand Imperial Mall was meant to be the largest and most luxurious shopping center within the Pacifica district of Night City. It was aimed to contain six-floors with more than seventy stores, service outlets, restaurants, a gym, a cinema, and its own amusement park — Eden Beach Mega Ride. However, like most of the district, when funding dried up during the Unification War, it was left unfinished and deserted. When the Voodoo Boys took control of Pacifica, they preferred to keep away from the mall.[1][2]

The structure eventually became a temporary base of operations for the the Animals and NetWatch agent Bryce Mosley.[3] When the Animals left, Scavengers scoured the place for valuables.

A boxing ring within the mall was momentarily used for the final match championship between V and Razor Hugh.[4]

Database Entry[]

Grand Imperial Mall (GIM)


Just as Pacifica was meant to be the crown jewel of Night City, so the Grand Imperial was hyped up to be the district's most luxurious mall. Located by the shore, the six-floor behemoth was meant to contain over seventy stores, service outlets and restaurants, a movie theater and a ferris wheel and rollercoaster outside. Even when construction was abandoned, the mall reeked of corpo vanity so much so that even the Voodoo Boys preferred to keep their distance after taking over the district.[2]

Associated Quests[]


  • Some of the letters in the "Grand Imperial Mall" illuminated sign have turned off, with the ones that are still functional reading "ANIMAL," a reference to the Animals gang that controlled the place.



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