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There are no clean hands. But it is important how they become dirty. [...] You dirty your hands for money. I - in the name of principles.

– Takemura to VCyberpunk 2077

Goro Takemura is the former personal bodyguard of Saburo Arasaka.[4] He is a stoic man of honor and fiercely loyal to Arasaka, but finds himself betrayed and out of his element in Night City.


Early life

Goro Takemura was born in Chiba-11, a dangerous district in Japan with the highest murder rate. His father worked at a small ramen shop within the district and his family was very poor. While bathing in a river like all the other boys in Chiba-11, Arasaka recruiters came by and recruited the cleanest boys as they often did. Takemura was chosen and felt like he had won the lottery. Takemura was conscripted into Arasaka's corporate army and eventually joined their special forces division. He was given an education and ranked top of his class in the academy.

At some point Saburo Arasaka came to recruit one of the special forces operators to be his personal bodyguard, choosing Takemura out of hundreds of candidates. During his time as a bodyguard, he began to idolize Saburo and developed undying loyalty to the Arasaka family. As Saburo's personal protector, Takemura received elite cyberware, including endoskeleton reinforcing his neck and spine. Takemura even personally trained Sandayu Oda to be a cyberninja and bodyguard to Hanako Arasaka.[4]


In 2077, Takemura arrived in Night City alongside Saburo Arasaka for a visit of his son, Yorinobu at Konpeki Plaza. The purpose of the visit was the reclamation of the Relic Yorinobu had stolen. Takemura wanted to make a thorough security sweep of Yorinobu's suite, which would have uncovered V and Jackie Welles, but he was ordered to leave the room with Adam Smasher. With V and Jackie looking on, Yorinobu then murdered his father. When Takemura returned, Yorinobu claimed Saburo had been poisoned, assigning blame directly to him for not doing a more thorough sweep, which made him increasingly more skeptical of the claim, although he was unable to immediately act and followed Yorinobu's instructions.

Once V and Jackie escaped Konpeki Plaza, Takemura tracked down their fixer, Dexter DeShawn. As DeShawn had already killed V in an attempt to cover his tracks, Takemura forced DeShawn to bring him to V's body, which had been disposed of in a dump on Night City's outskirts. Once V had been found, alive beyond their expectation, Takemura executed DeShawn and notified Yorinobu that he had captured his father's killer. Fearing V could expose his crime, Yorinobu sent an Arasaka hit squad to eliminate both V and Takemura before they returned to the city. Takemura endured the assassins' initial onslaught long enough to revive V to assist him in fighting them off. Once they were free of pursuers, Takemura brought V to Viktor Vektor so they both could receive medical care.[3] While waiting for V to recover, Takemura began searching for information regarding the events taken place before Saburo's murder. He discovered Evelyn Parker had a connection to Yorinobu and would visit him frequently, however traces of her were lost shortly after the heist of Konpeki Plaza. He also discovered during this time that Anders Hellman defected from the company and covered his tracks, he suspected he was possibly bought by another corporation. After attempting to track him down through the Afterlife he was quickly dismissed by Rogue who saw him as Saburo's killer.

After V recovered, Takemura contacted them to discuss how to get revenge against Yorinobu for his betrayal and exposing him of his crime. He spoke of having powerful allies able to help clear their names and remove Yorinobu from power.[3] The first step of this plan was contacting Oda. He arranged a meeting with Oda where he and V would tell him the truth of the events at Konpeki Plaza. However Oda was reluctant to listen and threatened them should they show their faces again. Their next hope was a fixer named Wakako Okada, after a brief conversation she then provided them with information regarding the parade and Hanako's planned movements during her stay on the float.[5] The reconnaissance of the Arasaka Industrial Park was then conducted.[2] He and V then began to sabotage the float, to then later set the plan in motion.

Takemura and V met again the day of the parade to discuss the plan of getting to Hanako. While he was making preparations to jump unto Hanako's float, V disabled the snipers and netrunner security. Oda discovered this sabotage and began to fight with V who was given tips and advice from Takemura during the fight. V ended up defeating Oda and before anything else happened, Takemura asked for them to spare his life. Afterwards, he jumped onto the float with Hanako and tried to confront her explaining the situation, however unsuccessful he then knocked her out with a sleep dart just before the Arasaka forces arrived and warned V to escape as well.[6]

Takemura proceeded with the kidnapping attempt by bringing her to an abandoned apartment building and provided medical care. He offered tea as well, which she politely refused. Once civilities had been done with, he called V. Once V arrived, they attempted explaining everything to Hanako but were quickly ambushed by Arasaka forces led by Adam Smasher. Takemura protected Hanako from the explosion before the floor caved in, knocking down V to the floor below the apartment while he was left to face the soldiers.

V was informed by Johnny Silverhand that Takemura was as good as dead in attempt to get them out of danger quicker.[7]

If V left Takemura behind in Search and Destroy:

Shortly after the attack, V left Takemura's hideout. Hanako was also rescued by the soldiers. Takemura fought the upcoming Arasaka forces until he was eventually killed during the attack.

If V went back for Takemura in Search and Destroy:

V ignored Johnny and proceeded to save Takemura, he was found fighting off Arasaka soldiers on the floor above. Takemura told V, that they shouldn't have come back because they could both die. After defeating the soldiers they escaped the hotel but they part ways in order to keep a low-profile from Arasaka. Once the chaos was over, Takemura was contacted by Hanako and put in safe location. Takemura expresses gratitude for his life and showed concern for V's wellbeing.[7]

In the epilogues where Arasaka is hurt and Yorinobu is successful sabotaging the corporation:
After witnessing the attack on the Arasaka Tower and the continued suffering of the Arasaka Corporation. Takemura decided to commit seppuku, but before he did he left a message for V - he talked about how Samurai would write jisei a death poem. He had read many before his death, but decided not to write one himself because he was not a samurai. Instead he left a farewell with few words that conveyed his anger right before his death.[4]

If V took Hanako's offer in Nocturne Op55N1:
Takemura and Anders Hellman went to retrieve V at Misty's Esoterica, noting that they seemed in terrible condition. The three proceeded to the Arasaka Estate to retrieve Hanako. After rescuing Hanako from Yorinobu's forces, Takemura, Hellman, Hanako, and V took an AV to Arasaka Tower to testify in front of the board of directors. Hellman made a comment on V's poor condition, which angered Takemura. While at the tower, he gather soldiers who were loyal to Hanako to prepare for battle. Here V told Takemura that Saburo was alive. Takemura expressive shock and disbelief at this revelation, questioning why he had never been told. During the board meeting, Yorinobu attempted a military coup to destroy all other factions of Arasaka. Takemura, V, and a team of loyal soldiers began fight through Yorinobu's forces. Hanako herself also provided Netrunner support for them to reach Yorinobu.[8][9]
Before reaching Yorinobu, Takemura and V were attacked by Adam Smasher. The two defeated him and reached the CEO office, Hanako did not want Yorinobu harmed, because of this Takemura believed it was best if he stayed outside. He did not trust himself and thought if he went in there he could kill Yorinobu. He and V had one last conversation before the latter confronted Yorinobu. Takemura was later transferred to Takamatsu in Japan and was no longer the bodyguard of Saburo Arasaka. He believed justice was served and that Hanako made the best call in a bad situation. After V was done with the procedure and spent time in the Arasaka Orbital Station, Takemura was asked to visit them and discussed the possibilities of their survival. After seeing the room, he mentioned how barbaric it was to keep V in the same small space for days. He told V that the procedure was unable to prevent their death and that he was sorry, as he truly believed Arasaka could save them. He offered an alternative, that Hanako agreed V's mind could be copied as an engram for the Secure Your Soul program, wiith hopes of finding a compatabe body for them in the future.[1]

If V refuses the deal with Takemura in Where is My Mind?:
V refused the deal and wished to return to Earth, Takemura asked them to reconsider and showed concern for their situation. However, V told him that they have what Takemura never had, freedom, right before leaving the station with their things.

If V accepted the deal with Takemura in Where is My Mind?:
V accepted the deal stated they wanted to live, Takemura tells them that it is an good choice and that they should not wait for their condition to worsen. He then says he hopes to see them again and mentions to visit him in Kagawa, where he hopes to show V real food.

Database Entry

Goro Takemura

The only bodyguard of Saburo Arasaka who truly done fucked up. While obeying orders, he was unable to prevent the death of his master at the hands of Saburo's son, Yorinobu. After the Relic was stolen, Takemura went after the thieves, eventually leading him to a landfill, where he zeroed Dexter Deshawn and saved V - the sole living witness to Yorinobu's crime. In his mission to find the truth, Takemura became Arasaka's most wanted fugitive pursued by every agent in Night City. The ex-bodyguard is driven by a desire for vengeance and won't rest until he brings Saburo's murderer to justice - even if it means working with a petty thief like V.[4]

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CD Projekt RED wanted to tell a more corporate part of the main story, regarding Arasaka. Initially, they had a female character named Ayumi Gozen as a villain, but wanted to instead show a more human side of the corporation. Philipp Weber, Acting Lead Quest Designer at CD Projekt RED, wanted to create a character that was very close to Saburo and shared his tradional values, and who believed that what Arasaka is doing is morally right. Takemura began to exist as a character who was able to justify, in their own mind, that everything they did for Arasaka was good for humanity. Once they had the initial 'vessel' for Takemura, who is supposed to believe in honor and the old values of Arasaka, they began to make him more 'human.' This is why they gave him likeable personality traits, such as being a foodie, the way he's not very good dealing with technology etc. Overall, Takemura is supposed to be a character who genuinely believes that what he is doing for Arasaka is the right thing to do.[10]

Developer notes

  • The selfie Takemura sends to V was Philipp Weber's idea, who came up with it after seeing a picture of Takemura's face from a low angle, and it reminded him of a 'dad selfie.' A cinematic designer he spoke to came up with a selection of possible selfies to use, including ones with him looking 'flirty' and 'awkward,' and his favorite was the one that looked most like a 'dad selfie.'
  • Philip Weber came up with the idea of a little joke of an older man confusing Takemura as a famous celebrity. The idea was later developed by different members of the team, later becoming the famous stand-up comedian Hideshi Hino. The team added posters of Hideshi Hino and more dialogue to the scene.
  • Takemura is a foodie. He has a strong belief in tradition and his belief that food should be prepared in a traditional way, and with care. CD Projekt RED's Paweł Sasko mentioned these traits are still an important reflection of his character.
  • Takemura's eye's changed after patch 1.2. He was supposed to have very unique cyber eyes. Philip Weber said during a Q&A that Takemura's eyes are an important highlight of this unique cyberware for the player, even when his cyberware has been disabled. Due to time they weren't able to get his eyes done before the game's initial release, so he had the same eyes as Hanako. It was important for Goro to have unique eyes to Hanako as they have different capabilities/skillsets (Hanako being a netrunner), so they eventually gave Goro his unique eyes to resolve this issue.[10]

Behind the scenes

Takemura's career peaked when Saburo Arasaka made him his personal bodyguard. That was the culmination of the long road he'd traveled from the gutters of Tokyo, one that took him through countless armed conflicts as an Arasaka soldier. Cyberware screwed into evey inch of the tall, thin frame draped with elegant black-and-white clothing, his face etched with unfazed expertise, he cut the figure of the perfect corporate samurai. Takemura's career tanked when Yorinobu Arasaka accused him failing to prevent his father's murder. Exiled from the organization he had made his life, stripped of titles and dignity, bounty hunters on his trail, he deactivated his implants and started, once more, on the streets. What remained was pure grit, determination and strength of character that allowed him to transform a tragic end into a turning-point.


  • Takemura owned a red Mizutani Shion Targa MZT - gameplay-wise it is an MZ1, even when scanned.
  • During Playing for Time, Takemura mentions to a Street Kid V that his father used to work in the kitchen all his life.
  • During Down on the Street, an old man mistakes Takemura as Hideshi Hino, a former famous late-night comedian. This unlocks some humorous dialogues.
    • This dialogue will trigger if V waits for a moment before entering Wakako's Den. Takemura should then lean back on the entrance. Otherwise it also triggers if V choses not to travel with Takemura from the port, as he will be waiting for V already leaning back on the entrance.
  • Sometime after completing the Gimme Danger quest, there is a possibility to trigger an additional text exchange with Takemura. It will start with him sending V a picture of the bakeneko taken on the rooftop.[11]
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"About what we discussed on the roof... Bakeneko can take on a human appearance. Sometimes they even consume their owner and replace them. Keep it as a warning"
Just an img? No nuggets of bushida wisdom? (option 1). "Not every fool is a thief, but every thief is a fool. Takemura Goro, 2077"
Thanks. I'll remember (option 2). "Thank you... ^._.^"
What would you say to a little dinner together? a real one? (option 1).
Aren't you a little lonely? What would you say to... some company? :) (option 2). "Hmm.... I'm not sure I understand you... You mean to say... what I think you are saying? V... This is perhaps not the best idea... I'm honored but I have other...obligations in Japan. Under other circumstances... you understand I hope. But thank you, your words mean a lot to me."