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The Gorilla Arms are Cyberware for the Arms in Cyberpunk 2077.


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This implant allows you to deal more Physical damage in melee combat, and have a 10-20% chance to apply a Bleed effect.

During Attribute checks, your Body Attribute is increase by 4. This does not apply to dialogue checks.


  • Can be purchased from any Ripperdoc after reaching level 10. Rarity increases every 10 levels.

Behind the Scenes[]

Some of the first widespread cyberware swapped manual laborer's arms for replacements powered by pistons and hydraulics so they could lift heavier loads. Strong Arms are the cutting-edge descendants of those primitive models. While the old tech used clumsy and slow cranial electrodes for control, Strong Arms, like most late generation cyberware, feature real-time 1:1 synaptic junctions that operate as fast as the user can think. Rather than mechanical actuators, their strength now comes from synthetic muscles made of electric-field activated shape-memory alloys that easily fit within the normal profile of your arm. Apply a layer of Realskinn on top, and no one needs to know you can rip open closed doors like they are made out of paper; though if you want, bright colors and trademark patterns can advertise what you're packing.


  • Though previous versions of Cyberpunk 2077 show Arasaka models, alternate models include the Hausstok-W forearms by Moore Technologies. During an infomercial on the N54 channel, the host punches holes in a concrete pillar and then mentions for an extra premium, the manufacturer will supply thermal or stun modules, which is inline with the other available versions.

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