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The Gold Beach Marina has several computers on the premises.




From: Message Sender CP2077 Josh Kavorkin

To: Message Recipient CP2077 Marina Administration

Ladies and gentlemen, Seeing as my last complaint has not yielded any results, I felt it once more incumbent on me to draw your attention to the unacceptable behavior of Bartolomeo Mordellini, owner of the yacht, "GEIshhhhA." Mr. Mordellini has transformed his yacht into a club of questionable reputation, in the process breaking at least two of the marina's rules (art. 8, "noise curfew," art. 11, "conducting economic activity on marina grounds"). We have on our hands a particularly disruptive neighbor: noise prevents sleep and constant movement on marina grounds poses a safety risk. As if that weren't enough, Mr. Mordellini's guests either do not know how or do not want to behave like normal human beings. Every morning the dock is blanketed in broken glass and used condoms. I firmly demand an immediate and decisive response from the marina's administration. Otherwise, I will be forced to take my vessel elsewhere. Sincerely, Josh Kavorkin



From: Message Sender CP2077 Marina Administration

To: Message Recipient CP2077 Bartolomeo Mordellini

Dear all, We have received another complaint regarding the loud parties taking place on your yacht, the "GEIshhhhA." We demand that you cease such activity immediately. Our marina is an exclusive place for relaxation and polite entertainment. We hope that further reminders will not be necessary. Best regards, Macy Sherrier

Marina Closure[]


From: Message Sender CP2077 Marina Administration

To: Message Recipient CP2077 clients

Dear members, Due to acquiring a new security company, the marina will be closed in order to install new alarm systems, automated security turrets, etc. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and would like to stress that our change in contractor is to improve your safety. Sincerely, Macy Sherrier




OTTERLY FABULOUS III - Josh Kavorkin SEAL OF TRUST - Elena Rodriguez BOATY MCBOATFACE JUNIOR[trivia 1] - Christian Cole GEIshhhhA - Bartolomeo Mordellini OXBRIDGE REGATTA - Elizabeth W. Yamato

Marina Reception[]

The marina reception's computer contains the same messages as those found on the computer in the bar. It has local network access to a Militech Aegis X2, a security turret and eight surveillance cameras.


  1. This is a direct reference to the real-life Boaty McBoatface science vessel and its naming competition.