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They say a man can't love a material thing. Aluminum skin and a cast iron soul...

— 20th Century Song, CyberGeneration

The GoGangers are one of the Yogangs featured in CyberGeneration.


You used to be called bikers, back when the first motorcycle enthusiasts sped down Main Street, and James Dean was the idol of countless teeny-boppers. During the collapse your parents were called Zippers, named for their penchant for speeding along the unpoliced freeways as fast as they could, and occasionally leaving this world at the end of a long, bloody stripe down the pavement. But this is 2027. You still have the bikes, but now they're cyber-trode controlled. You still crave speed, but you look for other kicks as well. Now you're a GoGanger.

You were the first yogang to emerge from the chaos of the Collapse; the rebels of society who want nothing to do with corporate life. You come from all walks of life, but most of you come from the remnants of the middle classes, where the ratio of cash to anger is the greatest. You ride to live, and you live to ride. And if someone dies in the process, so much the better.[1]

How to Identify a GoGanger[]

GoGangers are always loud, they wear either two bold colors, or one color with black and white. Typically goboys wear worn leather jackets emblazoned with their logos, their pants are either leather or denim and their favorite boots are the traditional engineer's boots. Hair is generally long, cut short, in oiled curls or mohawks and dyed to match your outfits colors. The easiest way to identify a GoGanger is by the unmuffled motorcycles they are usually riding.


As a GoGanger, your life revolves around bikes. Pure. Simple. As focused as the BoardPunks' fascination with his plank. In fact, you sometimes wonder why those wussies don't move up to some real iron; they've got the right attitude. For you, it's any kind of two wheeler: Harley, Bimota, Cybertrek, Yamaha. You Disdain anything with more than two wheels, and you don't even think about flying vehicles.

Allies & Enemies[]

  • Guardians dislike GoGangers because they are rule breakers.
  • StreetFighters dislike GoGangers because they harass smaller and weaker groups of people for fun.
  • MegaViolents have a love/hate Relationship with the GoGangers, they like how free willed they are but the GoGangers don't like how unstable the MegaViolents are.
  • Goths like the GoGangers because they're up at the same time and are afraid of nothing.

GoGangers Slang Dictionary[]

Go howling - to have reckless fun.
Jingo - wannabe, weak person.
Make the Cut - to be able to ride with the best riders.
Rain - harassment, To be attacked.
Step - get on, let's go.
Stride - to go as fast as possible.

GoGanger Equipment[]

  • Armored Riding Jacket
  • Fighting Knife
  • Heavy Pistol
  • Submachinepistol.

GoGanger Bike Choices[]


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