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Just hearing those two syllables, pronounced high-pitched and screaming from adolescent female lungs is enough to make even hardcore boosters wet their pants. Because if you're close enough to hear their battle cry, then that means the savage schoolgirls of Go!Go!Go! are about to descend on you in a flurry of spinning, scything, baggy-socked death.


The girls of Go!Go!Go! (aka G3) may be anime fans gone wrong. Certainly, the Japanese schoolgirl uniforms and a penchant yo-yos speak the connection. Some on the street say they were originally a group of captive joy-girls catering to sararimen looking for a loli-con thrill, but who soon turned on their pimps to gain bloody freedom. Their leader, blue-haired, mini-skirted, two mono-katana-wielding Hazumi Ihara isn't telling, and if you're smart, you won't ask. All anyone knows for sure is these well-armed are the terror of the street, ready to rob, ravage or thrill-kill whenever the shopping at the mall seems to lose its attraction. In packs of 100 or more.

The uniform is pure anime, that's also for certain. White middy blouses and pleated skirts the shorter the better patent leather loafers with the trademark baggy socks of a 1990s Tokyo Kogal teenybopper. Dyed hair is optional, but blue, green and pink are the preferred shades. But what makes these wannabe yabaris a threat isn't the wardrobe or even the plethora of very sharp weapons they love to tote around in their book bags. The vast majority of C3's members are disaffected young women across the full spectrum of AltCults: cyberboosted schoolgirls out of the Edgerunners, anime-styled robobabes from Cee-Metal, powered-up pop princesses sporting the full array of Reefer or Roller enhancements; Desnai damsels wearing the latest in power-armored bikiniware. This broad appeal means that a G3 rampage can come from any direction, any time, any place and with any weapon.

So far, G3 has been content with dropping through the local volumetrics and laying waste to the inhabitants for a cheap thrill. They especially like to take on all-male gangs in what they dub "date'n'dies"--assignations that start out with some snogging, and end up with some slaying. It hasn't put their potential lovers off too much yet but on the other hand, the pool of applicants is starting to get a bit... smaller.


  • Leaders (The Popular Girls): 25
  • Soldiers (BFFs): 150
  • Grunts (BFF wannabees): 400


  • Hangouts (all over the City) 50
  • Clubs (gambling, sex, drugs, loud J-Pop) 8
  • Cee-Metal Borg gurrls (members) 54
  • Sharkgurrls (members) 60


  • Roadcars (Streetracers) 10
  • Roadbikes (mostly scooters) 100


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