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Glossary of Common Cyberpunk Terms; by the dawn of the 21st century, languages evolved and the world is filled with unique words and terms, sometimes created from zero, sometimes created through adapting existing words. The term for this new category of words is "Streetslang".

General terms

Netrunning terms

  • Ability: A function built into a Cyberdeck any Netrunner can use without a Program.
  • Attackers: Software that attacks BLACK Ice or other systems, dealing damage.
  • Black ICE: An autonomous attack program that can fry a real brain.
  • Bodyweight Suit: A suit designed for Netrunners with built in armor, Cyberdeck and capable storage, and sometimes life support functions.
  • Boosters: Software that improves a person's abilities in cyberspace.
  • Control Node: A location in virtual space with allows for the control of a real world device.
  • Cyberdeck: A computer that converts brainwaves into electrical impulses and vice versa. Without it, there's no Netrunning.
  • Defenders: Stop or reduce attacks of programs or other Netrunners.
  • Elevator: Cyberspace object allowing travel between floors.
  • Floor: Cyberspace area containing one program or virtual object.
  • Interface Plug: Cyberware that allows one to plug their brain into a machine.
  • Meat Action: Derogatory term used to refer to actions made in the physical world.
  • The NET: Cyberspace. Prior to the Fourth Corporate War, space and global travel was possible inside the NET. By the Time of the Red, Netrunners now have to travel to specific NET locations and jack in directly.
  • NET Action: Action taken inside the virtual world of cyberspace.
  • Program: Software able to be slotted into a Cyberdeck to enhance functionality. Divided into Boosters, Attackers, and Defenders.
  • REZ: Hit Points of Programs and Black ICE.
  • Slot: A chunk of memory in a Cyberdeck allocated to a program. Better Cyberdecks have more slots.
  • Virtuality Goggles: Goggles that overlay the cyberspace landscape onto one's field of vision.

Cyberpunk Red terms

  • Time of the Red: A slang term for the period from 2023 to the late 2020s and 2030s, taken from the red skies common throughout the world as an after effect of the Fourth Corporate War.
  • Ay-Vee: Common slang for an aerodyne-an automobile-like flying vehicle powered by ducted jet fans.
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence; a computer with full self-awareness.
  • Booster: Any member of a gang that affects cyberwear, leather clothing, and random violence.
  • Combat Drugs: Any one of a series of designer drugs created to increase speed, staminal, and reflexes.
  • Chilled: To be cool; to be together.
  • Chip: Any type of data recording, usually in the form of small colored slivers of plastic.
  • Chippin' In: To buy cyberwear for the first time. To cast your lot with a group. To connect with a machine.
  • Choombatta (Choomba): Neo-Afro American slang for friend or family member.
  • CHOOH2 ("choo"): Streetslang for alcohol, as used in vehicle power plants. The vast majority of vehicles in the Time of the Red are fueled by an advanced form of alcohol with a higher burning temperature than normal methanol.
  • Chromer: Twenty-first century heavy metal rock fan.
  • Chromatic Rock: A type of heavy metal Characterized by heavy electronics, simple rhythms, and violent lyrics.
  • Cybered Up: To get as much cyberwar implanted as possible before going over the Edge.
  • Data Term: A street corner information machine with a screen, NET inputs, and keyboard.
  • Dorphs: Streetslang for synthetic endorphins, a designer drug that increases healing powers, limits fatigue, and produces a "rush" similar to a second wind.
  • Exotic: A human biosculpted with non-human elements, such as fur, long ears, fangs, and so on.
  • The Face: The Interface. Jacking into Cyberspace.
  • Flatline: To kill. A dead person or thing.
  • Gonk: Derogatory insult vaguely meaning idiot.
  • Go LEO: To make the trip into Low Earth Orbit.
  • Gyro: Small one-or two-person helicopters, used mostly in police work and Corporate strike operations.

Handle: A nickname; a working name you are known by on The Street.

  • Hydro: Streetslang for hydrogen fuel, used to power a sizable number of vehicles in the 2000s.
  • Input: Girlfriend.
  • Keyboard: Streetslang for a computer interface deck with manual keys. A terminal.
  • Netrun: To interface with a cyberspace system and hack its programs and controls. Used also to refer to running the global Network until the advent of the Fourth Corporate War.
  • Output: Boyfriend.
  • Polymer One Shot: Any cheap plastic pistol, usually in the 5mm to 6mm range.
  • Posergang: Any group whose members all affect a specific look, style, or bodysculpt job.
  • R.A.B.I.D.S.: A particularly deadly form of black ICE spread throughout the Old NET after the death of their creator, Netrunning legend Rache Bartmoss.
  • Ripperdoc: Surgeon specializing in implanting illegal cyberwear.
  • Ronin: A freelance assassin or mercenary. Usually considered to be untrustworthy.
  • Samurai: A Corporate assassin or mercenary, hired to protect Corporation property or make strikes against other Corporate holdings.
  • Slammit On: To get violent; to attack someone without reason.
  • The Street: Wherever you live, late at night. The Subculture; the Underground.
  • Stuffit: To have sex. To forget about something.


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