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Global Foods is a location featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


Originally a department store, this multilevel food emporium caters to any taste imaginable. The owner, Raymond Krok, has a standing challenge for someone to come up with a dish that the restaurant section cannot prepare. Although there have been many takers, no one has yet to win the prize of a month-long, all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world. 'One of the more entertaining occurrences happens when an uninformed booster walks into this corporate diner and deliberately orders something particularly disgusting. Much to his surprise, the dish is prepared, and the building security will assist the hapless diner in eating his entire meal. They also won't let him leave to get his stomach pumped until he pays.

The restaurant proper is very stylish, carefully decorated in culturally neutral style, and crowded every day between 10:30 am and 3:00 pm. In the middle of the block is the kitchen, where food is stored and prepared. The east end of the block is dominated by a series of take-out stalls, where busy people can grab a bite on the run. The types of food available change often, but variety can be counted upon.

The open area is occupied by a dataterm, and (at times), a booster puking his guts out while corporates stand around and place bets on his constitution.

Security Level: 2[1]

Global Foods is situated in Night City's Upper Eastside sector of downtown.


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