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The Givers of Pain are one of the more notable booster gangs in Night City and in the state. Their reputation for excessive brutality (even for booster gang standards) and their skill in torture has made them one of the most admired and reviled booster gangs known. Their size, rumored to push 300, their savage territoriality, and Noir's effective skills as a leader and enforcer have given them power in the southside combat zone contested only by a few other gangs: the chromer/punk gang The Phantoms, led by Lady Maim; and the booster gang The Black, led by "the Contingent," to name a few.[1]


Black leather and matte black cyberlimbs with gold nails, studs, etc. Almost always are bald and adorn themselves in black eye make-up and skullstuds (either gold or silver). They favor the common Booster Gang hardware: rippers, bigripps, and buzzsaws. Vampires or sharkgrin specials are always present in all Givers of Pain members.[1]


A clawed cyber hand leaving bloody tracks.[1]

Average Stats

Rank 2-4

SKILLS: Athletics, Martial Arts, Melee Weapons, Pistol, Intimidate, Streetwise, Interrogation, Specific Knowledge: Torture, Motor-cycle. All around skill levels 4-7

Rank 4-8[1]

SKILLS: As above but including such skills as Thief, Drive, Med Tech, Cyber Tech, General Education, Fast talk Rifle, Stealth, Photo & Film, Play Instrument, Shadowing. All around 4-9


Rank 2-4

Will always have rippers or a sharkgrin special. Interface plugs, one or two cyberoptics. One or two cyberlimbs.

Rank 4-8

One or both sets of limbs are cyber. Both eyes are cyberoptics loaded with options. Their bodies are rife with blackmarket cyberware right out of the labs of the group's ripperdoc. Chipware processors and two or more sets of interface plugs.[1]


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