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Gig: Woman of La Mancha is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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If you chose the Nomad lifepath, you can find a fellow nomad in the market and ask him about his own Nomad background. Once you do, you can then show him Anna Hamill's picture and he'll point you to where she's staying, in the motel right off the market. Alternatively, show the picture to Robert Rainwater on the south edge of the market.

When you confront Anna, there's three timed conversations with her. In the first one, if you chose to tell her you took the hit job, she'll immediately become hostile and you'll have to kill her. If you choose to warn her instead you have the chance to get her to back down with the next two timed dialogues, in which case she'll drop her investigation, albeit not happily.

Journal Entry[]

Anna Hamill is a blue-blooded cop, through and through. The kind you'd expect to see in some NCPD promo. Beautiful, smart, honest to a fault. In other words, a really bad fit for Night City.
Her NCPD colleagues are another story. They all have back problems from sitting on fat wallets.
This current case Hamill's working has them all breaking out in hives. She's digging into the smuggling racket in Kabuki market, which - if she makes any real headway - means bad biz for her cop buddies' finances. They want someone from outside the precinct to nip this thing in the bud.
Normally that's where I'd leave it, but I wanna add one more thing. I kinda feel bad for the girl. Rather she not flatline if you can avoid it. Convince her to skip town, or drop the case and make a career change at least.


  • Ask around the market about Anna Hamill. [Optional]
  • Confront Anna Hamill.
  • Leave the area.

Associated Shards[]


  • The additional information about Anna Hamill can be obtained for free by talking to the Ripperdoc Robert Rainwater in the area provided that your Street Cred is 16 or higher.
  • If V talks Anna out of attacking but does not/cannot convince her to join the Nomads, a body of one of her colleagues can be found in the Kabuki Market a few days later under a pile of trash. A data shard found with the corpse documents how Anna has now started a vendetta against the NCPD; a few days after that, Anna's death during a police shootout is announced on the radio.