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Gig: Welcome to America, Comrade is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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To start the gig, travel to the Allen St South service point in Kabuki, Watson. Regina Jones will call you.

If the quest is done stealthily, an additional item reward will have to be collected from the drop point.

Journal Entry[]

When a top Soviet fixer, Mikhail Akulov, landed in NC, it generated a lot of buzz in the biz. So far, says he's just in town to cut a small-time deal. the USSR's premier fixer in town to personally handle minor league gigs at enny stakes? Yeah, can't say I'm convinced either So what's his game? Why Night City? My client needs answers to these questions and more. They want to follow his every step on NC soil and that's why you need to plant a GPS transmitter on our dear comrade's car. And keep it clean and quiet.


  • Go to the docks in Kabuki.
  • Remain undetected. [Optional]
  • Find the container with the vehicle.
  • Plant the GPS tracker on the vehicle.
  • Leave the docks.

Associated Shards[]