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Gig: We Have Your Wife is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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As you approach the Monokatana Workshop located on Raymond Street in Japantown, Wakako Okada will call you with an available contract to free Bradley Costigan's wife, Lauren. She is being held in the basement of the workshop by Tyger Claws.

Journal Entry[]

Old sins cast long shadows. And Bradley Costigan is guilty of many. As a result, he not only found himself in prison, but also invited trouble into the life of his wife, Lauren Costigan. It's your task to help her.
When Bradley landed a spot behind bards, he was contacted by old acquaintances in the Tyger Claws. Shiv some snitches, they said. He said no.
Tygers don't like that word. They kidnapped his wife and sent stills as proof. No great surprise, Bradley began to cooperate. But he also remembered me. He's promised payment and I believe he's desperate enough to be good for it.
My people have already tracked where the stills were taken. Once you have the coordinates, set to work immediately.


  • Get inside the workshop.
  • Find Lauren Costigan.
  • Rescue Lauren Costigan.
  • Escort Lauren out of the building.
  • Talk to Lauren.

Associated Shards[]