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Gig: Wakako's Favorite is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


Head over to the building but be careful going into the basement, as there's mines set up in the stairwell. Once you take care of them, go into the basement room, where you can see Chang Hoon Nam over on the chair. Try to talk to him but he's unresponsive; apparently whatever job he was doing last caused a corp to fry his brain, but he's still alive.

Check his computer for messages and red lights will come on. Follow these into a small dead-end hallway and look down to see a grate you can open. You'll have a couple more mines to take care of in the tunnel here before you can un-crouch into another room where the shard you need to bring him back can be found. You can also skip this altogether and force the doors open, but this requires 20 body. Once you have it, exit the room through the door and interact with Chang Hoon to add the shard.

He'll come to and you can talk to him about how he got into his situation a bit. Once done, leave the area to complete the gig.

Journal Entry[]

For years, I worked to get jobs done comfortably, with a crew I hand-picked myself. I chose Chang-Hoon Nam years ago, and he hasn't let me down once. I don't know what happened to him, but you got to get him back. Check the basement in that Chinese place. He keeps his gear there, sometimes takes a side gig or two. Think he's still alive - if he weren't, he's the type who'd come back as a ghost and apologize, just like in those tales from the old country that make me want to puke. He's sentimental like that.


  • Find a way to Chang Hoon Nam's hideout.
  • Find Chang Hoon Nam.
  • Find out what happened to Chang Hoon Nam.
  • Follow the lights
  • Find the shard for stabilizing Chang Hoon Nam's condition.
  • Take the shard.
  • Slot the shard in Chang Hoon Nam's neural port.
  • Talk to Chang Hoon Nam.
  • Leave the area.

Associated Shards[]