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Gig: Until Death Do Us Part is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


This gig is pretty straightforward, though you'll need to keep in mind the following about the penthouse, especially if you want the stealth reward bonus for this one:

  • There are 2 drones flying around, one inside and one outside.
  • There's a robot in a room on the second floor.
  • There're 3 active security cameras.
  • There's a couple turrets in the main room, though these only become active if the alarm is triggered.
  • The red security gateways will set up the alarm if walked through while active.

The drones and robot can be destroyed without triggering the alarm, provided this is done while remaining undetected. The target shard is on the second floor, in the room immediately to the left of the top of the stairs. The computer in the same office as the target shard can be used to trigger an "emergency reset" of the security system, which will permanently disable the drones, turrets, and robot, and shut off the red security gateways for 60 seconds. The exterior porch can also be accessed while the security gates are active via an open window in the dining room, though there is nothing of note on the porch. A bathroom on the 2nd floor can be opened with a Tech attribute check, and contains an unusually lucrative loot box. Computers around the house contain details of Mrs. Gutierrez's often-underhanded attempts to destroy the life of her former husband.

Journal Entry[]

Would you like to hear about my fourth husband? He was very lazy, gullible, and filthy rich. I divorced him as quickly as I could and never made so much money in such a short time. With that said, can I really blame Mrs. Gutierrez for stripping Mr. Gutierrez down to the last enny? Of course not. In fact, I'd like to meet her lawyers.
But enough about Mrs. Gutierrez. Our client happens to be the injured party, Mr. Gutierrez. He lost his car and luxury penthouse, now the poor fool has barely anything to live in because he left his depositary receipts in their old apartment (the locks are already changed). You'll have to retrieve them, because our new divorcee isn't going to give them back out of the kindness of her heart.
The penthouse is on the last floor of the building. Don't worry, I'm providing you with elevator access.
For obvious reasons, Mr. Gutierrez is counting on your utmost discretion. If things go quietly, he'll toss in extra.


  • Go to the apartment on Palm Street.
  • Go to the top floor.
  • Find Gutierrez's office.
  • Remain undetected. [Optional]
  • Steal the shard with the depositary receipts.
  • Escape the building.
  • Deposit the shard in the Drop Point.

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