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Gig: Troublesome Neighbors is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Journal Entry[]

I got a place at this block in Kabuki. Not many know about it (welcome to the club) and I prefer to keep it that way. Problem is a certain Tyger Cunt (and friends) set up a pachinko operation right on my fucking doorstep. Could mean trouble for me down the road.
Lemme guess - you're thinking it's better to hide in plain sight? Yeah, fuck that. When (not if) the NCPD cracks down on those pachinko machines, I know they're gonna poke their ugly pig noses around in my backyard. Can't risk them seeing something they shouldn't.
We can't see on this. Head to the residential block where a Tyger by name of Taki Kenmochi is running this pachinko show. Deal with her. Any other Tygers in the area will get the message and peace out quick.

Associated Shards[]