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Gig: Trevor's Last Ride is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Journal Entry[]

There's a popular saying among the Aldecaldos: "she who lives in the hearts of her loved ones can never truly die." Trevor Brass might indeed live on in memory, but if he had just keep[sic] his butt planted instead of dealing with Wraiths he'd still be just plain alive.
I digress. Yesterday, man of mine spotted Trevor's car at a Wraiths' nest. The car had more holes than it started with and the Wraiths aren't known for taking prisoners. Trevor's relatives, as I mentioned, belong to the Aldecaldos. They aren't out for revenge. They just want to bury their son.
Find Trevor's remains and help his family find peace.


  • Go to the Wraiths' territory.
  • Find Trevor's body.
  • Scan the bodies to find Trevor.
  • Retrieve Trevor's body.
  • Retrieve the body from the Wraith outpost.
  • Place Trevor's body in the trunk.


  • If the location was visited before gig is started, Johnny Silverhand's and V's lines will be played instantly at the start of the gig.