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Gig: Sparring Partner is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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There are several ways to get the shard from bot:

  • Sneak behind the vendor's "office" into restricted zone and get to the van with the robot inside. There are only three guards and one security camera in the area.
  • The robot can be purchased for €$31000, which can be lowered to €$15000 with Cool attribute skill check, from the Junk Vendor in order to avoid combat.
  • Threaten vendor and fight through everyone.

Journal Entry[]

There's this kid - folks call him Joe. Red Joe. Now, this Joe kid has talent, knows his hooks and jabs. I swear he could knock a horse's teeth out. Point is, kid's got what it takes to go pro. Problem is, coaches aren't easy to come by in the Badlands. But lo and behold! Word is a next-gen sparring bot's landed in a scrapyard there - still in working order. That's city folk for ya - second a piece of tech glitches, it gets tossed out in the trash. Soft included.
Anyway, back to the bot. Find it and download its software before they recycle it into metal straws or whatever it is NC people like.
P.S. Oh and one more thing - the guy that runs the landfill? Watch out for him. Real piece of work.


  • Go to the landfill.
  • Find the broken bot.
  • Go to the broken bot's location.
  • Pull the shard from the bot.
  • Deposit the shard in the Drop Point.