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Shark in the Water is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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V is tasked with eliminating Blake Croyle, a high-ranking Animals gang member who forcibly took over a clinic in Kabuki, in order to reclaim it for the client and original owner, Roger Wang.

V will later find out through computer messages that Roger had initially contacted Blake to discuss the possibility of taking out a loan, but an agreement was never reached. Despite this, Blake claimed Roger still owed him a debt for the use of his time, and for the "business advice" he provided, while revealing the fact that he knew Roger's daughter had recently gotten pregnant and lives in Kabuki.

Roger recognized the thinly veiled threat and wired the money immediately, hoping to settle matters once and for all. However, Blake was still not satisfied and pressured him into surrender his clinic as well. Again, Roger seemingly complied without protest.

Unbeknownst to Blake though, this time Roger had also hired fixer Regina Jones to deal with him permanently.

Journal Entry[]

Racketeering's the name of the game in Kabuki. The badges pretend like they don't see when hustlers like Blake reel in the next victim.
The script's always the same. Act I - a promising money deal. Act II - an unpayable debt. The sucker this time was Roger Wang, store chain owner. Blake's already seized ownership of one of the stores but has bigger plants. Like I said, this kind of debt's unpayable, so Wang got wise and paid us instead. This human shitstain Croyle is about to disappear, so the time to act is now.
And one more thing - Blake's got huscle from the Animals watching his back.


  • Go to the store seized by Blake.
  • Find Blake.
  • Neutralize Blake.
  • Carry Blake to the fixer's transport.
  • Put Blake in the fixer's transport.
  • Leave.

Associated Shards[]


  • Regina will react differently during the phone call at the end of the gig, depending on how V dealt with Blake:
    • If V incapacitated Blake, Regina will be terse.
    • If V killed Blake, Regina will sound much more enthusiastic, telling V that both the client and her are very happy with his performance.