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Gig: Severance Package is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Journal Entry

Rihanna Kumar used to be a top engineer at Cytech. Lived in a preem house, ate ganic meat, looked down on the poor - all the corpo basics. Then her little fairy tale took a twist. Cytech turned her world upside down. No more house, no more meat - but got new perspective on poverty from the other side of the fence. She's enlisted us to help her get a severance package.
Break into the Cyech factory and retrieve the data of the projects our poor, mistreated client was working on. With that, she can turn this personal shitstorm into a new dawn for her career (fuck... missed my calling as a poet). Anyway, most important thing is that she's paying us for the gig. Have fun.


  • Enter the factory area.
  • Go to the factory.
  • Get to the second floor
  • Get to the server room.
  • Retrieve Rihanna's data files.
  • Leave the factory.