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Gig: Scrolls before Swine is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


The task is to retrieve a video file from a warehouse that NCPD officer Aaron McCarlson claims is a Maelstrom torture den. The warehouse is guarded by a total of six gang members: three outside, and three inside. The computer holding the file is in a room on the second floor and can be reached either through an open hatch in the rooftop, or by entering through any of the building's doors and going up the stairs.

Before retrieving the file from the computer, V can view the video itself in the "FILES" tab (note: the file will be removed from the computer when you steal the data). It is a short, looping clip that shows Aaron murdering a woman in the alley behind the warehouse. Watching the video will cause Johnny Silverhand to react with disgust at Aaron's actions, and an optional objective will appear to tell Aaron that V knows what is on the video. Leave the premises once the file has been downloaded.

Now head to Aaron's apartment, which is on the second floor of a small apartment building just north of the Longshore North fast travel point. Interact with the "call" button to the left of the door to summon Aaron. If V managed to swipe the file without alerting any of the Maelstrom gang members, Aaron will compliment V on their skills. At this point, V can hand over the file and then exit the building to complete the gig. Regina will wire payment and mention that gaining Aaron's trust means she can take advantage of his NCPD connections.

If V informs Aaron about their knowledge of his deception, there is an extra decision to make. On the one hand, Aaron can be extorted to pay double the money, which concludes the contract successfully, but earns the scathing disapproval of Johnny. On the other hand, V can declare that they want Aaron to go to jail for his crime, which turns him hostile and forces V to fight him, delighting Johnny. If Aaron is killed, Regina will call to say that she understands why V took out Aaron, but criticizes it as a wasteful move since he wielded huge influence inside the NCPD and V had leverage over him. The client being dead also means neither Regina nor V get paid. Alternatively, if V manages to knock Aaron down without killing him, Regina will comment on the turn of events and will be pleased as she can now use Aaron, once he wakes up, as her asset inside the NCPD.

Journal Entry[]

Client is Aaron McCarlson, NCPD sergeant. Used to work for me as a consultant on the show "Cops 'n' Chops" (8 seasons!!) and is asking for a favor.
Aaron's been digging into Maelstrom for a while now - says he found the warehouse where they torture people. But you know how it is for badges - law slows them down with mountains of paperwork, so if they want to get something done, they have to get creative. Aaron knows that, which is why instead of waiting for fat-assed judges to grant him permission, he wants to get help from a "contractor."
Job's simple. Get into warehouse (coordinates attached), steal the security cam footage and bring it back to Aaron. Should be enough to push his case through. And if you happen to shoot a few Maelstromers along the way, well... shit happens, right? World won't be worse off without them, that's for sure.


  • Get inside the warehouse.
  • Find the computer with the footage.
  • Retrieve the footage from warehouse.
  • Tell Aaron you know what he did. [Optional]
  • Bring the footage to Aaron.
  • Leave Aaron's building.

Associated Shards[]