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Rite of Passage is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Journal Entry[]

Got some paparazzo work for ya. Need to get my hands on a recording of the Maelstrom initiation "ceremony." TLDR to get into the gang you need undergo an optic nerve split operation - a rite of passage, of sorts. Footage of the whole thing, that's what I'm paying for.
Got a tip you can find just such a reel at the HeavenMed clinic - it's the place they put all the new recruits under the knife for the first time. Op rooms are all fitted with cams too. Could be a file, an entire disk, access to the servers - I don't care. What matters is that footage. Get it done.


  • Go to the Maelstrom ripperdoc clinic.
  • Go to the server room.
  • Steal the surgery recording.
  • Escape from the clinic.

Associated Shards[]