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Gig: Olive Branch is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


Meet with Sergei Karasinsky and he will tell you to drive a car to the Tyger Claws as a peace offering. He implies that the peace offering is more than just a car, but he does not elaborate and leaves after unlocking the garage containing the car.

When you enter the garage for the car, you can inspect the trunk immediately or ignore it. If you do not inspect the trunk before driving the car, you will hear pleas from the trunk while driving. If you open the trunk anytime before getting to the restaurant, you will find Alex Pushkin, a Biotechnica employee who refused an offer from the Tyger Claws and whom Sergei kidnapped to give to them to buy a pardon.

If you open the trunk and talk to Alex, you will have the option to either free him or close the trunk and deliver him to the Tyger Claws. If you are a Nomad and have previously completed Gig: Guinea Pigs, an additional dialogue option will appear that reveals Alex worked with Joanne Koch on testing a new product in the Badlands that killed dozens of members of the Red Ocher nomad clan; Alex expresses no remorse for his role in the tragedy and likens the victims to roaches.

If you deliver Alex and the car to the Tyger Claws' restaurant as contracted, the gig is successfully completed. Wakako Okada will additionally praise you for your discretion if you did not inspect the trunk at any point. If instead you choose to free Alex, he will pay you double what Sergei would have given you. Wakako will be surprised that you showed mercy to a corpo and left Sergei holding the bag, but remarks that Sergei was simply outbid and closes the contract.

Alternatively, you can kill Alex yourself or attempt to drive him out of Night City, but both actions result in failing the gig and disappointing Wakako.

Journal Entry[]

Sergei Karasinsky called. He's a solo who, like my husband, acts before he thinks. It's a personal characteristic that always leads to the same thing sooner or later - trouble. Fortunately for us, Sergei is not only a man who acts without thinking but a panicked one at that. This means the pay is good and almost literally flying out of his account into ours.
Sergei is waiting for you at Silk Road. You will meet him there and pick up the peace offering he would like delivered to the Tyger Claws. He can't do this himself because he's recently been added to their blacklist.
The boy believes this small token will help the Tygers find forgiveness in their hearts for his terrible mistake.


  • If Alex Pushkin is delivered to the Tyger Claws, his body can be found at a storm drain in Charter Hill near the casino from Gig: Tyger and Vulture.
  • If Alex Pushkin is set free, Sergei's body can be found in an alley in Vista del Rey near Delamain HQ, behind Dicky Twister.
  • In order to get the additional dialogue option, one must speak to the clerk at the hotel during Gig: Guinea Pigs.


  • Meet Sergei at the designated location.
  • Talk to Sergei Karasinsky.
  • Get into the garage.
  • Get in the car.
    • Drive Sergei's car to the Tyger Claws' restaurant.
  • Talk to the man in the trunk. [Optional]

Associated Shards[]