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Gig: No Fixers is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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There are a number of Wraiths around here, along with mines on the left, and three turrets (one near the left with the mines, one next to Iris' vehicle, and one in middle area).

Journal Entry[]

Iris Tanner is the best tech specialist I've met in decades of living outside the city. Car broke down? Trouble with water filters? Ailing generator? Call iris and give her five minutes with it.
One thing she's not great with though: People. Reading them, at least.
Foolish girl started doing biz with the Wraiths. Making them angry is bad, sure, but making them happy is almost worse. Rather than just pay for a job well done, they kidnapped her instead. You ask why they'd kidnap someone who's capable of putting out an SOS from a rickety old radio? I - Dakota "Mad Coyote" Smith, eldest daughter of the Pomo tribe, eldest fixer in the Badlands - will offer my expert opinion: They're stupid.


  • Infiltrate the Wraiths' territory.
  • Find Iris Tanner.
  • Talk to Iris Tanner.
  • Retrieve Iris's car. [Optional]
    • Park Iris' car in the garage.
  • Take Iris Tanner to Dakota.
  • Talk to Dakota.

Associated Shards[]