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Gig: Many Ways to Skin a Cat is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


This facility has a number of ways to enter it and 8 active cameras, so you'll need to tread carefully if you want to do stealth. Note also that you have to drive the van away, so if you don't want to deal with a firefight later on, make sure to take out the guards at the front entrance where the closed bay doors are.

You can enter the facility through one of the two gates or, for a discreet entry, through one of the openings in the fence (there's an opening near each gate). Once inside the fencing, you can enter the main building itself either through the doors on the first floor or climb up to the roof where there's a door into the stairwell or an open window to a small hallway. Note if you use the window, one of the cameras is here so make sure to take care of it before entering if doing stealth.

To get access to the van, you'll need to enter the room that the above camera was right above with a lone guard. Take them out, then access the computer to authorize you as a driver. Now you just need to get to the van downstairs and drive it to the destination.

Journal Entry[]

This isn't gonna be your usual gig. You're gonna go to the Revere Courier Service facility in Northside and steal a minibus full of leather jackets.
Don't worry, I was also scratching my head at first. But the job itself couldn't be simpler.
Someone's smuggling syn-leather combat jackets to NC to get around the corporate embargo. The leather's imported in the form of jackets, which is then distributed to underground ripperdoc that use use them for their implants, which are then sold at competitive prices. Quite a supply chain, right? My client tracked down the shipment but can't take care of it on your[sic] own. You're her replacement. Just remember that the RCS can't roll until it validates the driver's security.
Oh and did I mention that the RCS warehouse is controlled by the Tyger Claws? No? Well I'm telling you now. They use it for laundering cash, so don't be surprised to see them prowling around.
Be careful and good luck.


  • Go to the Revere Courier Services facility.
  • Gain access to the van using the main computer.
  • Enter the van.
  • Drive the van to the indicated location.
  • Exit the van.

Associated Shards[]


  • In the main warehouse area, two workers are having a discussion when the player first approaches them. They mention a Polish dock worker named Sobotka. This is likely a reference to Frank Sobotka from The Wire, who was a crooked cargo checker at the Baltimore docks.