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Gig: MIA is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


Merc Benedict McAdams was promised safe passage out of Night City by Dakota Smith after assassinating a corrupt Night City councilman for her, but his driver, Jason Wildriver, went off course and McAdams has gone missing. McAdams had the forethought to implant a GPS chip before taking on Dakota's job, and Dakota wants V to investigate his coordinates so she can provide him with a new driver.

McAdams is imprisoned in the basement of an old house in Biotechnica Flats. It turns out that Jason Wildriver decided to sell the merc to Militech instead of taking him out of the city. The councilman whom McAdams killed had deep ties to Militech, and the corp wanted to cover up the corruption by scapegoating McAdams for the murder and a litany of other shady dealings. Wildriver jumped at the chance to line his pockets. As V arrives at Wildriver's hideout, they can overhear Wildriver on the phone with a Militech representative, threatening to kill McAdams unless the corp increases their payout.

The only enemy in the area is Wildriver, who can be found roaming the yard outside the house. He can be killed or incapacitated, or avoided by sneaking into the house. Be warned that multiple mines have been placed behind the house, and the front is guarded by a turret. There is also a surveillance camera in the basement where McAdams is located, but it can be deactivated using the computer inside the house.

Speak with McAdams. He explains what happened to him and agrees to follow V. If V did not bring a car, there is an Archer Quartz "Sidewinder" in the garage that they can take to drive McAdams to the rendezvous point. Starting the car will alert Wildriver if he has not already been eliminated, but he can be easily escaped.

At the rendezvous point, exit the car and wait for McAdams' new driver. McAdams recognizes him as Starkey, an old friend, and they drive away together. Dakota then sends V their payment.

Journal Entry[]

A fixer's worth no more and no less than their last promise. And I promised Benedict McAdams I'd get him out of town once he checked off a job for me.
Benedect's[sic] one devil of a pro. Just six hours in of taking the job and Councilman McClean's[sic] heart beat for the last time - that fat fish I'd had dangling on my line too long. The risk of a slip-up was high, so before he set to it, Benedict installed a GPS in his biomon so I could have an eye in the sky on him, as it were.
This slickster didn't work alone, mind you - had a driver, Jason Wildriver. The problem is, instead of hauling quick across the border, Jason went off route. Something here stinks worse than McClean's[sic] fishy corpse.
Find them and bring me Benedict. I'll find him a new driver.


  • Find Ben.
  • Talk to Ben.
  • Take Ben to the meeting point.
  • Exit the car.
  • Wait for Dakota's guy.
  • Talk to Dakota's guy.

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