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Gig: Life's Work is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Why is it some unwritten law of the world that every talented techie has shit-poor character? Only God knows.
Jake Estevez is one such genius among techies and an asshole among shitheads. Fifteen minutes with the man and my barrel against his forehead, but good news is we found a way to get along.
Jake's been a grease monkey for 6th Street about TWO WEEKS now. (Of course, I'm not on good terms with 6SG, but I do grudgingly admire their patience. It is, after all, a virtue.) Over that time Jake's been doing a custom job on a car for them - his "life's work," he says. Designed the soft for it too. Remember I said he has shit-poor character? Yeah, well he pissed off the wrong pendejos[sic] in 6SG and had to delta and never look back.
Bottom line: Jake wants his precious car back. Go the 6SG autoshop, upload the virus I sent you and get it back for him - don't scratch the ride and you'll get extra. We'll both be flush after this.

Journal Entry

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  • Go to the auto shop.
  • Upload the software to start the car.
  • Get to Jake's car.
  • Deliver the vehicle to Jake Estevez.
  • Exit the vehicle.
  • Talk to Jake Estevez.
  • Leave the garage.


  • If this job is completed prior to doing Stadium Love, one of the gang members there will recognize V.