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Gig: Last Login is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Journal Entry[]

Alois Daquin - the corpo megaprick who cheated me. And not only me. There's a whole city out there that wants to get its hands on this guy. As they say, the fate of a traitor is sealed at the time of his betrayal.
But what interests me beyond my vengeance is Alois' datapad and, well, the data on it. Our traitor picked up and fucked off right outta NC so fast he left his gear in town.
Just 20 min. ago I got a login ping from his comp on an Eisenhower St. localnet.
Head over there and grab his device. Once we get it, we take advantage of this confused mess.


  • Enter the building where Alois' laptop was connected to the Net.
  • Find Alois' laptop.
  • (Hidden) Confront Charles Bucks [Optional].
  • Deposit the laptop in the Drop Point.


  • This quest can be done simultaneously with Full Disclosure, as they take place at the same location.