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Gig: Hippocratic Oath is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


The Clean Cut clinic has three security cameras and a handful of Maelstrom gang members patrolling the area. Lucy is in the far back left room, trying to save one of the gang's badly-injured members, Hans Otto. Despite being held against her will though, she's fully committed in trying to save him and tries to get you to help her.

If you agree to help, instead of continuing with the dialogue, follow her instructions, namely scanning the guy with your optics when asked and then getting the synthetic blood from the table nearby and applying it to the Maelstrom member. You can then talk for a moment before she'll finally leave with you.

If you aren't interested in helping, shooting the patient will also convince Lucy to leave with you.

Journal Entry[]

Blood looks out for blood. Bertie's a leadhead who was gong[sic] enough to join up with Maelstrom. Realized pretty quick the psychogang operates by simple rules - you stay, you die, or you pay.
In comes his sister, Lucy, who chose option number three. Instead of hard scratch, she bought out her bro's freedom with her expertise and services. She put 3 months of cyberware repair on the table. Problem is, five months have already come and gone.
Now in comes you. This gig's on Bertie's dime - guess he had a few extra eddies stuffed in his mattress.


  • Go to the Clean Cut building.
  • Find Lucy.
  • Talk to Lucy Thackery.
  • Persuade Lucy to leave.
  • Scan the patient. [Optional]
  • Pick up the synthetic blood. [Optional]
  • Inject the patient with synthetic blood. [Optional]
  • Escort Lucy Thackery outside.
  • Escort Lucy to the fixer's transport.


  • Lucy can be found at Octavio's Clinic in Rancho Coronado if left alive after finishing the quest.
  • Helping Lucy does not give a bonus reward.
  • The journal entry for Gig: Hippocratic Oath is blank due to a bug.

Associated Shards[]