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Cuckoo's Nest is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Journal Entry[]

I'm not a fan of badges. They stick their nose in other people's biz, give ordinary people a hard time, do the corps' bidding. But sometimes it's worth getting into bed with your enemies - at least they'll owe you something for later.
There's this badge, Jasmine Dixon. She's been patrolling NC streets since '61, reached the rank of sergeant. One day at the precinct she heard something she shouldn't've. Instead of keeping her mouth shut, she took it to her supervisor. The next day they wheeled her off to a psych ward. The kind where they prescribe lobotomies and electrotherapy.
Your job is to get her out of there, but she doesn't have any scratch. I'll spot her this time - she'll owe me a favor when I need one.


  • Get inside the hospital.
  • Get inside the restricted area.
  • Find Jasmine Dixon's cell.
  • Take the guard's keys.
  • Open Jasmine Dixon's cell.
  • Talk to Jasmine Dixon.
  • Escort Jasmine Dixon out of the hospital.
  • Escort Jasmine Dixon to the transport.
  • Talk to Jasmine Dixon.


  • After completing this quest, Muamar mentions getting his 'dearest eddies' despite the quest description mentioning that this is a favour with no money involved.
  • There are several psyche ward inmates in the hospital. Johnny Silverhand happens to know one of them in a room on the ground floor, mentioning how they were in the same unit together and the horrors they went through.


  • If V leaves the hospital via rooftops, the gig is considering complete, however Muamar will act as if it was failed.


  • The quest's name is a reference to the book and the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"