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Gig: Backs Against the Wall is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


When you enter the indicated residence, you'll notice there's nobody around. Head to the furthest back room from the entrance, go up the collapsed part of the ceiling to get to the second level, and then to the only door on the left. Just as you open it you'll be confronted by Corporal William Hare.

While there is no red timer bar, taking too long to make dialogue choices will cause him to go agro and attack. Selecting the wrong ones can also cause a fight with him instead of getting him to peacefully stand down. Having a high Body skill can help get him to stand down, but it's not the only way to get a peaceful outcome.

If you do manage to get him to stand down, he'll let you take the medicine while he goes to sit down but, as soon as you leave and get near the ramp, he'll commit suicide.

Once you have the medicine, head off to the drop point to drop it off and complete the quest.

Journal Entry[]

A few years back I scrolled a little feature called "How Affordable is Health?" It turns out not very. My numbers showed only 3 percent of Night Citizens could afford healthcare. A lot has changed since. For the worse. Some people are declaring open war on rippers, breaking into clinics, klepping meds and chems. No surprise there. And no surprise these rippers want to protect what's theirs.
They want you to recover a pack of stolen meds. Thanks to the GPS tracer hidden inside, we know exactly where to look.


  • Go to the indicated residence.
  • Find the stolen medicine.
  • Retrieve the stolen medicine.
  • Deposit the medicine in the Drop Point.

Associated Shards[]


  • If the medicine will be taken early, the quest can be finished normally, but the dialogue with Hare will initiate instantly when you enter the location, Johnny won't appear and Hare won't shoot himself. This is likely a bug.