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Gig: A Shrine Defiled is a gig in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Journal Entry[]

The person should not stray from the road and the tiger should not leave his mountain steppes. Or misfortune will find them both.
Tyger Claw boss Taki Kazo thinks he's smart. He thinks I won't find out about his agreement at the shinto shrine in Milagro Terrace. He thinks I don't know he's using the shrine's honden for secret meetings. He thinks he can rule Japantown without my influence. He will be wrong.
I'll give you a wiretap to place right at the shintai in the most sacred of shinto spaces. Don't make a noise. And don't disappoint me.


  • Remain undetected. [Optional]
  • Get to the honden.
  • Place the wiretap inside the shrine's main hall.
  • Get out of the shrine complex.
  • Collect your bonus from the Drop Point.

Associated Shards[]