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Ghost Town is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077.


V is in need of Intel on Anders Hellman, and the lead points to Rogue, one of Johnny Silverhand's good friends and ex-lover. She was spotted in The Afterlife and V goes to look for her. After meeting with her, Rogue is intrigue by V's situation and is interest to help him, for money of course.

After providing her with the eddies, V's told to wait a day before returning to The Afterlife. There they met once more and had a briefing on the information. V slotted the shard containing the info, and on the Kang-Tao Transport detail, which suppose is bringing some anonymous person abroad which presumed to be Hellman. The security detail were vague and suspicious for a Kang-Tao escort to bring a single person abroad. With a difficult task at hand to bring down the Aerodynes, Rouge suggested that a driver could help him in his works. However, it comes with string attached, Panam Palmer was introduced as a Solo, Courier and is a Nomad. Given her ability she is guaranteed to be useful by Rogue, but she is in a middle of a predicament. Where she was betrayed and lost her car and cargo, and it may have hurt her ego.

If she were to assist him, V has to help Panam with her situation first. With no other choice left, V left the Afterlife and contacted Panam. They decided to meet in a parking lot, located in Ranch Coronado, Santo Domingo. After the two met and talk, they decided to get Panam's vehicle and cargo first, and then securing transport back to the recipient.

They headed to Rocky Ridge, where the meet up were suppose to happen. But Panam, made a prior call to the fixer about and changed the place of meeting to SunSet Motel. After arriving in Rocky Ridge, they decided on how best to ambush the Raffen Shivs and retrieve the her belongings and Cargo.


After the ambush succeeded, V and Panam discussed their next course of action.


After choosing either to help her or not, they will go to the Sunset Motel and deliver the package to the 6th street gang waiting in the parking lot of the motel. After their long journey, they decided to take a rest for the night.

Journal Entry

Wanna track down Hellman? Start at the Afterlife. Sure, the place has changed over the years, but one thing never will: you got a question you just can't shake, head to The Afterlife. Always someone there to whisper the answer in your ear... for the right price. And if that someone's Rogue – shit, I wouldn't miss this meet for the world.
Just when you think you've solved your problem, your solution goes and starts making fucking demands. Looks like Panam'll only scratch your back if you scratch hers. Could've expected that, coming from a nomad. Know what, though? I've got a good feeling about this sand-swept desert dame. Let's see where our newfound friendship takes us. Preferably to that weasely fuck, Hellman.


  • Go to the Afterlife.
  • Talk to Rogue.
    • Wait for Rogue to finish her conversation.
  • Collect €$15,000 [sic]
  • Return to Rogue with 15000 €$. [sic]
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Wait until Rogue is ready.
  • Talk to Rogue.
    • Sit next to Rogue.
  • Call Panam.
  • Meet with Panam.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Take the passenger seat.
  • Go to the nomad camp.
  • Talk to Mitch and Scorpion.
  • Follow Panam.
    • Take box.
  • Place the box in the trunk.
  • Go back to the car.
  • Go to Rocky Ridge with Panam.
  • Leave the car.
  • Discuss the plan with Panam.
    • Scan the devices in the area [0/3].
    • Scan the transformer.
    • Scan the power source.
    • Wait for Panam by the power substation.
    • Take the jumper cables.
    • Connect the cables to the battery.
    • Restore power in the switchgear.
      • Break the window and enter.
  • Talk to Panam.
    • Go to the roof.
    • Get into position.
  • Wait for the Raffen Shiv.
  • Turn on the lights at the intersection.
  • Take Panam's car.
    • Get the key to Panam's car.
  • If you choose not to fight:
    • Go to the meeting point.
  • If you choose to fight:
    • Defeat the Raffen Shiv [0/7].
      • Take down the Raffen Shiv by Panam's car. [Optional]
    • Take Panam's car.
    • Get in the car.
    • Wait for Panam in the car.
  • Switch seats with Panam.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • If you choose to kill Nash:
    • Go to the Raffen Shiv hideout.
    • Defeat Nash and his people.
    • TODO: more objectives here
  • Go to the Sunset Motel with Panam.
  • Wait for Panam to strike a deal.
    • Leave the car.
  • Follow Panam.
  • Sit at the bar.
  • Talk to Panam.