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Ghost Town is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077.


Head to the Afterlife and look for Rogue Amendiares, Night City's top fixer and Johnny Silverhand's ex-lover. Asking her about Anders Hellman results in Rogue demanding money in exchange for her help. After paying her and waiting a day, Rogue provides V with an information Shard. V slots it in, learning that the Kang-Tao transport is carrying an anonymous person, presumed to be Hellman. In order to take down the AV and interrogate Hellman, V must first recruit a driver named Panam Palmer, a nomad merc who can help. Rogue states that V must help Panam get her car back in exchange.

After contacting Panam and meeting up with her at the Rancho Coronado Container Freight Station, V explains the situation, offering info on Panam's cargo in return. She demands to know the location of her car, which V reveals is in Rocky Ridge. Panam agrees on the condition that they get her car first. She also explains that her partner, Nash, stole her vehicle and their cargo and plans to sell it in Rocky Ridge.

Panam calls the client, Boz, and agrees to meet over the phone. Panam explains she used to drive for Boz, a 6th Street gang member she refers to as a "good guy." They must go to the Aldecaldo Camp to pick up her friends to help.

Upon arriving at the camp, V meets Scorpion and Mitch, two of Panam's friends. The two tell Panam that Saul, the camp's leader, has order them to watch the generators until they are brought online, barring them from helping. However, Mitch offers the duo to take any gear they might need instead.

Panam and V arrive at the ghost town of Rocky Ridge. Panam checks the substation while V scan's the power source and fusebox. Panam plans to use the substation to confuse the Raffen with the traffic lights. They wait for the Raffen to approach and commence with the plan. After the Raffen have been disposed of and they have recovered Panam's car, Panam states that they need to track down Nash. Here, V can choose to help Panam or not.

If V decides to help Panam:

Panam explains that she granted Nash her trust, and he betrayed her. Her and V go to the Raffen Shiv's hideout to hunt him down.

While driving, they discuss the plan to meet the 6th street gang at the Sunset Motel. They arrive at the motel and Panam hands off a package of merch to Boz. They head inside the hotel and order a drink from the bartender Noah. Panam reveals that the package contained Betahaloperidol, "drugs for the cyberpsychos in our midst." Panam expresses a hope to start fresh in Night City, with Rogue, and with new friends. They rent a room for the night to sleep.

Journal Entry[]

Wanna track down Hellman? Start at the Afterlife. Sure, the place has changed over the years, but one thing never will: you got a question you just can't shake, head to The Afterlife. Always someone there to whisper the answer in your ear... for the right price. And if that someone's Rogue – shit, I wouldn't miss this meet for the world.
Just when you think you've solved your problem, your solution goes and starts making fucking demands. Looks like Panam'll only scratch your back if you scratch hers. Could've expected that, coming from a nomad. Know what, though? I've got a good feeling about this sand-swept desert dame. Let's see where our newfound friendship takes us. Preferably to that weasely fuck, Hellman.


  • Go to the Afterlife.
  • Talk to Rogue.
    • Wait for Rogue to finish her conversation.
  • Collect €$15,000.
  • Return to Rogue with 15000 €$.
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Wait until Rogue is ready.
  • Talk to Rogue.
    • Sit next to Rogue.
  • Call Panam.
  • Meet with Panam.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Take the passenger seat.
  • Go to the nomad camp.
  • Talk to Mitch and Scorpion.
  • Follow Panam.
    • Take box.
  • Place the box in the trunk.
  • Go back to the car.
  • Go to Rocky Ridge with Panam.
  • Leave the car.
  • Discuss the plan with Panam.
    • Scan the devices in the area [3].
    • Scan the transformer.
    • Scan the power source.
    • Wait for Panam by the power substation.
    • Take the jumper cables.
    • Connect the cables to the battery.
    • Restore power in the switchgear.
      • Break the window and enter.
  • Talk to Panam.
    • Go to the roof.
    • Get into position.
  • Wait for the Raffen Shiv.
  • Turn on the lights at the intersection.
  • If you choose not to fight:
    • Go to the meeting point.
  • If you choose to fight:
    • Defeat the Raffen Shiv [7].
      • Take down the Raffen by Panam's car. [Optional]
    • Get the key to Panam's car.
    • Take Panam's car.
    • Get in the car.
    • Wait for Panam in the car.
  • Switch seats with Panam.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • If you choose to kill Nash:
    • Go to the Raffen Shiv hideout.
    • Defeat Nash and his people.
    • Join Panam.
    • Wait for Panam to finish her conversation.
    • Take the passenger seat.
  • Go to the Sunset Motel with Panam.
  • Wait for Panam to strike a deal.
    • Leave the car.
  • Follow Panam.
  • Sit at the bar.
  • Talk to Panam.


  • Choosing not to assist Panam either with fighting the Raffen Shiv in Rocky Ridge or with killing Nash will not affect the outcome of the mission and the following Panam/Aldecaldos-storyline.
  • If you choose to help Panam with killing Nash, Rogue will scold you. If instead you refuse to help her and tell her that it wasn't the deal, Rogue will be pleased of your professionalism and give you an Archer Quartz "Bandit" for free.