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Get It Together is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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Journal Entry[]

Your missing uber-netrunner got snared by Dogtown's head honcho. What a lovely plot twist. Dunno how you wanna get into the Black Sapphire or if it's even possible, but that's not the thing I worry about. What does worry me is what you're gonna do once you get inside. Thoughts?


  • Call Mr. Hands.
  • Talk to Mr. Hands.
  • If you have not yet completed three Gigs for Mr. Hands:
  • If you have completed three or more Gigs for Mr. Hands:
    • Wait a few hours for Mr. Hands.
  • Talk to Mr. Hands.
  • Read the message from Mr. Hands.
  • Go to the Heavy Hearts club.
  • Enter code 2589 on the terminal.
  • Reach the private floor.
  • Talk to Mr. Hands.
  • Leave the club.
  • Call Reed and send him the data.
  • Meet with Reed at The Moth.
  • Talk to Reed.
  • Follow Reed.
    • Ride the elevator down.
  • Talk to Reed.
  • Talk to Alex and Reed.
    • Grab the diving suit.
    • Examine the contents of the box.
  • Talk to Reed.

Associated Shards[]