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Gerald Winkler, known as Garry the Prophet, is a conspiracy theorist in Night City. He can be found in Urmland Street, right next to Misty's Esoterica, in Kabuki, Watson.


Garry can be seen throughout the campaign spreading various theories. Many of them relate to lizard men from Alpha Centauri and Arasaka. V can interact with him to comment on the theories and even donate cash to him.[1]

Whilst spouting a theory that nomads are actually werewolves, Garry inadvertently offends two members of the Aldecaldos, forcing V to step in and rescue him. With his life saved, Garry tells V that one of his implants allows him to listen to communication channels, which he believes to be aliens. He guides them to what he believes to be a meeting site for the lizard men, though this turns out to be a meeting between Maelstrom members and two unidentified corpos.

When V returns with a chip recovered from the meeting, they learn from one of Garry's supporters that he's been "abducted" by black suited people with blue eyes, who took him into an AV and flew away to their "mothership." Garry's friends tried asking for help to the NCPD, but the officers simply claimed Garry was "sick" and let him be taken away. It's unknown who these individuals were, but they were described by Gerald's friend, Sue Glover, to be dressed as corporates and have "blue eyes." V either thinks they were aliens, or can agree with Johnny that they were simply corrupt corpos.[2]

A niche in the Columbarium is dedicated to him: "He knew too much, so THEY dealt with him."

Associated Quests[]


  • Garry sleeps till the afternoon. Leave the area and return later to interact with him.


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