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GD F-36 Comet is a mini jet introduced in Chromebook Volume 2.

Sourcebook Description[]

General Dynamics introduces the Comet. Faster than the Wasp, more maneuverable than the Wasp, better than the Wasp. Ride the wave of the future; leave the insects behind and rocket to the skies![1]
Maneuver Speed: 625 mph
Fuel Efficiency: 1mpg
Fuel Capacity: 500 gallons avgas
Special Equipment: Radar, radio, look-down radar, long-range radar target ID, ECM, Rare and chaff dispenser, ejection seat, 20mm cannon (with 2,000 rounds), 2 air-to-air missiles Sidewinders or Sparrows.
Game Notes: The Comet's forward-swept wings give it its fantastic maneuverability. If the Comet suffers over 50 points of SDP damage, there is a chance per turn that the computers governing Right will fail, and the Comet will immediately lose control and crash.[1]


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