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Fuyutsuki Electronics is a Japanese corporation in Cyberpunk 2077.


Fuyutsuki Electronics is a mass marketed, Japanese corporation that sells electronics devices including Cyberdecks, televisions, radios and more. Datashards are manufactured by Fuyutsuki and can be found sold in their stores across the world.

Fuyutsuki Eletronics stores can be found throughout Night City, as well as their advertisements across numerous billboards and posters. In Ripperdocs, V is able to purchase cyberdecks that are manufactured by Fuyutsuki. The "Tinkerer Mk.3" is an extremely high quality cyberdeck marketed towards those who are not particularly net-capable.

In many wealthy apartments, Screen Glass televisions can be found that are manufactured by Fuyutsuki.

Product Catalogue 2077[]

Type Products
Cyberdeck Fuyutsuki Electronics, Fuyutsuki Tinkerer Mk.3
TV Fuyutsuki XT10000