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The Fuma Ninja Clan has lived in the Hakone mountains since Warring States era. Kotaro is the 7th head of the clan.

Fuma Kotaro's father died when he was a child. When he turned 18 he was very much a playful person, he comes down from the mountains into the city to have some fun every other day. Wiping out streetscum with his expert Koppo, and being scolded by the cops (who evidently aren't at all that sad to see scum knocked around) is becoming apart of his daily routine. Most of the arguments he gets in are over gambling.

Whenever Kotaro gets in trouble, at least one of his henchmen must come and get him. Everyone in the clan is wracking their brains over what to do. Ninjas are shadowfolk; appearing in the public, except when on a job, is taboo. Besides, Kotaro grew up in the deep mountains, he has little knowledge of the streets. In the modern day, country boys stand out on the street. Walking around with a big Rising Sun fan makes him look like some millionaire Corp's isolated kid, aka, an Inbeda. This brings him a lot of gang attention. Kotaro has become an excellent Shinobi in his adult age.[1]


Combat Sense +6, Streetwise +2, Wilderness Survival +5, Human Perception +4, Awareness/Notice +7, Gamble +3, Hide/Evade +4, Archery +3, Athletics +7, Martial Arts: Ninjutsu +10, Martial Arts: Koppo +4, Stealth +4.[1]




Kendachi Mono-Two, Sai, Bo-Shuriken (10), Teko, Ashiko, Leg & Knee Spikes, Tessen.[1]


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