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Full Disclosure is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


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If you don't have the Gig: Last Login yet, Regina Jones will call you about it when you approach the building containing Sandra Dorsett's databank, since the objective of the gig is also located inside. Otherwise, if you've already completed the gig and picked up the shard, you'll now be able to decrypt the information after Sandra messages you, and you can head straight to her with it.

Depending on whether you read the shard or not, you have a few options with varying levels of reward or consequence for each.

If V doesn't decrypt the shard::

  • V may decide to simply follow orders and execute the job precisely as agreed upon. Sandra will be thankful for the discretion and reliability, finalizing the transaction with the agreed sum.

If V decrypts the shard, and admits it::

  • Admitting to being aware of the nature of the data will prove honorable to her, and she will reward V's honesty with additional eurodollars.

If V decrypts the shard, admits it, and passes Intelligence Check::

  • An intelligence check of 15 in addition to an admission will reveal the nature of her pursuit as well as the root of her fears, but she is grateful to have someone to discuss it with. Relieved, she rewards V with an even larger bonus.

If V decrypts the shard, but denies reading it::

  • Conversely, deciding to lie about decrypting the shard's contents will cause her to become upset, and she will instead pay less than agreed.

If V decrypts the shard, and blackmails Sandra::

  • Finally, V may attempt to blackmail Sandra with the information, resulting in the encounter turning hostile and proving fatal for one of the parties involved, as the attack will continue to its inevitable conclusion. Take due caution with this approach, as Sandra will have a Militech ceiling-mounted turret providing support.

Journal Entry[]

Sandra Dorsett... that chick you pulled out of a scavs' nest? Man, give someone an inch and they take a mile... This databank must be pretty special to her if she ain't even willing to go through a fixer. Well, damn... now I'm kinda curious. Gonna help out - or play by the rules of the game?


  • Find Sandra's databank.
  • Call Sandra Dorsett.
  • Meet with Sandra.


  • The amount of eurodollars rewarded depends on dialogue choices, the default reward is 830€$.
  • If you disclose to Sandra that you breached the data, and congratulate her for what she has done. She will throw in extra eurodollars as a bonus. The amount of eurodollars rewarded for the gig is increased to 3900€$.
  • This quest can be done simultaneously with Gig: Last Login, as they take place at the same location.


The title of this job comes from the Fugazi song "Full Disclosure."