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Franklin M'bolu is a character featured in the Cyberpunk series.


Franklin M'bolu is a Kenyan national responsible for managing the contracts and purchases of Orbital Air (OA) in the US.

As OA expanded its exploration of the commercial possibilities of space, it relied on technology both developed in-house, and bought and licensed from corporations around the world. Much of the technology used by OA was purchased or contracted from US corporations or US subsidiaries of international corporations. As such, in the 2020s, M'bolu was responsible for shipping and itemizing large amounts of proprietary technology. He was rumored in some circles to supplement his income by dealing some of this technology and information on the black markets.[1]

In 2045, M'bolu was in charge of building the company's forthcoming massdriver in Night City. Constructed within the Morro Rock, the massdriver would allow space planes to be launched into low Earth orbit (LEO).[2]


Resources: 7, Style 5, Leadership, 4, Accounting 6, Education and General Knowledge 2, Expert Black Marketeer 4, Persuasion and Fast Talk (Bargaining) 5, Stock Market 3, Boxing 4[1]


Basic processor, Kerenzikov booster, chipware sockets, sunglass implants.[1]


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