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Open your eyes, Frank. Arasaka threw you out like so much trash... and you're gonna go back and beg for mercy, knowing they have none to give?


Frank Nostra was an Arasaka operator for the Special Operations Division in Cyberpunk 2077.[1]


If V has the Corpo lifepath:

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Frank Nostra was a co-worker of V. They originally met during an operation coded "Icefall", which happened on the NUSA east coast. A week before V was forcibly terminated from Arasaka's employ, Frank arrived in Night City after participating in Operation "Cargo" in Cape Town, a scheme designed by his boss, Susan Abernathy, to smuggle weapons to arm African conflicts. V may or may not catch up with Frank on their way to Arthur Jenkins' office.

If V did speak with Nostra, many months after V was purged from Arasaka, they received a message from Nostra informing them that Susan Abernathy is "downsizing" the Special Operations department. Nostra explains that he is one such individual being removed by Abernathy. As a countermeasure, he has acquired files regarding Abenathy's misdeeds and criminal actions that would topple her from power, but V would only receive this message if Nostra had failed to use the file in time and had been killed; a "dead man's trigger". The message directed V to the location of the information, leading V to believe that Abernathy had executed Nostra amongst the many other purges she was conducting.

Upon arriving to find the hidden briefcase empty, V encountered Nostra, alive and well. Nostra explained that he had recently been purged from Arasaka, with all of his property and accounts repossessed in much the same way as V had happen many months prior. In his desperation, Frank recalled how Arthur Jenkins and V had attempted to have Abernathy assassinated. Nostra believed that serving V up to Abernathy might return him to her good graces and hoped that giving her V was his last, most viable option.

Upon speaking with Frank, V can choose violence, leading to his former colleague being killed or incapacitated. Choosing to speak with Frank, but being callous in your approach, will result in Frank thanking you for your honest assessment and committing suicide. The diplomatic approach, stating that Frank can start again in Night City with a gun and a full clip, much like V did before, will convince Frank to walk away peacefully.

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