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Dr. Francis Young is the genius who made full human cloning a piratical reality. He is brilliant and talented, one of the most intelligent men in the world, but he has never fully grasped the implications of his creations. His attachment to Adriana is personal. He was a child prodigy, taking his first advanced degree at fifteen, and continuing his studies for many years after that His intelligence is countered by a degree of emotional instability.[1]


INT 13, COOL 8, MA 8, SAVE 6, REF 6, ATR 6, BODY 6, BTM -2, TECH 10, LUCK 4, EMP 10/8.[1]


Medtech +10, Awareness/Notice +6, Basic Tech +8, Diagnose +7, Education and General Knowledge +8, Cryotank Operation +7, Library Search +7, Pharmaceuticals +5, Biology +8, Expert Genetics +7, Expert Cloning +10, Expert Surgeon +7, Programming +6, Expert Al +7, Expert Wetware +7.[1]


Basic processor, chipware socket, interface plugs, machine/tech link, data-term link, basic cyberoptic, image enhancement Times Square Marquee, micro-optics.[1]


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