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Forward to Death is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077.


The Militech Basilisk is indestructible in this mission. Likewise Panam, Saul, Mitch, Carol, and Cassidy are unkillable. The deaths of Bob and Teddy on the other hand are pre-scripted and cannot be avoided.

When you exit the Basilisk inside the construction site, be sure to re-equip your weapon as it will have been replaced by a relatively low-quality Overwatch Panam handed to you earlier to fight the Militech drones.

Militech guards will enter the complex in groups of 4-5 within Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnars. Using F-GX Frag Grenades to explode the cars before the guards exit can kill the entire group in a single stroke.

The Short Circuit quickhack is a good way to quickly and effectively deal with the Militech mech that appears at the outer gate of the complex.

Journal Entry[]

Last stop on the line. Little does the corp know that this train's not going back. It's a shame I won't be there with you, 'cuz it's looking to be one helluva ride. But hey, that's what family's for, right? Anyway, once you get to the Arasaka sublevels, that crater filled with chrome and concrete, just take a second to remember that Johnny was there. Then mow down anyone in your way and get to Mikoshi.


  • Follow Panam.
  • Take the shard from Saul.
  • Use the drone to scan the construction site.
  • Talk to Saul and Panam.
  • Enter the panzer when you're ready.
  • Follow Saul.
  • Exit the Basilisk.
  • Protect the panzer during repair.
  • Enter the Basilisk.
  • Eliminate all enemies in the area. (11/11)
  • Ram your way through the bridge. (2/2)
  • Ram the gate.
  • Exit the Basilisk.
  • Neutralize all enemies. (8/8)
  • Wait for Mitch and Carol.
  • Escort Mitch and Carol.
  • Neutralize Militech forces. (20/20)
  • Prepare for enemy reinforcements.
  • Neutralize Militech forces. (13/13)
  • Wait for the Aldecaldos to regroup.
  • Exit the Basilisk.
  • Neutralize Militech's strike team. (11/11)
  • Return to the construction site.
  • Drive into the tunnel.