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Fortunate Son is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


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After finishing Queen of the Highway, look around the camp to find Bob checking in on an injured nomad's condition to learn it's not looking good: Jake Scooter needs a special kidney implant for sickle cell anemia. He'll eventually point you to a pickup location Dakota Smith fixed up to get it, a hospital in Little China. Postponing this quest will fail it as Jake dies.

Once near the hospital, head to the back cargo area. There an employee will be waiting with the implant. As soon as you pick it up, he runs off as police suddenly charge in and attack you. You have to defeat them all rather than run away to continue the quest. Once they're all dead, confront the employee who'll reveal the police learned of the deal and stepped in to eliminate you, as they believed Dakota was helping out Raffen Shiv and couldn't tell the difference between them and nomads.

After passing an Intelligence attribute check, you can ask if anyone else touched the implant and he'll reveal the police put a virus on the firmware as he hands you the original, and that you'll need to swap the unaffected one to remove the virus. You can then decide to let him go or kill him.

To save Jake without the attribute check spare the doctor and he will walk away but return shortly after with the shard that informs you about the virus in the implant.

Once done, head back to the camp to give Bob the implant. If you learned of the virus, you'll automatically let him know of it so he can swap it out. You'll then be told to come back in a few hours to check in on Jake. When enough time's passed, Bob will text you. Read his message then head back to the camp to talk to him about Jake. If you warned about the virus, he'll note Jake's doing well and thanks you again for helping them out.

Journal Entry[]

Kidney failure. In the city, nothing that a stack of eddies and a few minutes won't solve. But in the Badlands... a death sentence. That is, unless a gentle soul somewhere feels like playin' guardian angel. Someone that'll get him the implant he needs before it's too late. Well, V? Think there 's anyone out there like that?


  • Go to the meeting with the hospital employee.
  • Meet with the hospital employee.
  • Take the briefcase with the implant.
  • Meet with the hospital employee.
  • Defeat the police.
  • Confront the hospital employee.
  • Return to the Aldecaldos camp.
  • Talk to Bob.
  • Wait eight hours for the results.
  • Read Bob's message.
  • Talk to Bob.


  • If you saved Jake and later side with the Aldecaldos during Nocturne Op55N1, during We Gotta Live Together you can talk to him briefly around one of the campfires where he's playing guitar.