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Fool on the Hill is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077. Completing this quest will award Misty's Dreamcatcher for display in V's Apartment.

For further information, see Tarot Cards.


V must scan or interact with the 20 tarot cards in Night City. (Two of the Major Arcana, The Devil and Judgement, are only found in certain endings and are not required for this job. The four King cards of Phantom Liberty are also not required for this job.)

Card District Sub-District Location
The Fool District Icon 2077 Watson Little China Right outside V's apartment.
The Magician District Icon 2077 Watson Kabuki Right outside Lizzie's Bar.
The High Priestess District Icon 2077 Heywood Vista del Rey At Takemura's hideout.
The Empress District Icon 2077 Watson Little China Down the stairs, inside the Afterlife.
The Emperor District Icon 2077 Watson Arasaka Waterfront On the left side next to the gate of Konpeki Plaza.
The Hierophant District Icon 2077 Westbrook Japantown Down on the water level inside a tunnel, near where you meet Goro Takemura in Down on the Street.
The Lovers District Icon 2077 Westbrook North Oak The back of the screen at the Silver Pixel Cloud.
The Chariot District Icon 2077 Watson Little China
Strength District Icon 2077 Santo Domingo Rancho Coronado On the wall of a building at the rail freight yard visited during Ghost Town.
The Hermit District Icon 2077 Pacifica Coastview
Wheel of Fortune District Icon 2077 Badlands Red Peaks At Sunset Motel.
Justice District Icon 2077 Santo Domingo Arroyo
The Hanged Man District Icon 2077 Badlands Oil Fields
Death District Icon 2077 Heywood The Glen
Temperance District Icon 2077 Westbrook North Oak
The Tower District Icon 2077 City Center Corpo Plaza
The Star District Icon 2077 Badlands Jackson Plains
The Moon District Icon 2077 Westbrook North Oak Right outside the Arasaka Estate
The Sun District Icon 2077 Watson Little China
The World District Icon 2077 Watson Little China

Journal Entry[]

Maybe these strange images that you're seein' really do exist. Or maybe the biochip's already turned your brain into scop and salmon casserole. Whatever the case, spotting these symbols in unexpected places feels like a mystery beggin' to be solved. In your shoes, I'd have a word with Viktor of that chakra chick about these. Should interest at least one of 'em.


  • Talk to Misty.
  • Find all the 20 tarot graffiti in the city.
  • (Optional) Talk to Viktor.
  • Talk to Misty.


  • Misty Olszewski may bug during Fool on the Hill, being unable to be interacted with. Collecting the 20 tarot cards fixes it.