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Florida is a state within the United States of America.


1990s - 2020s[]

Much of the state has been lost to coastal flooding, as such, the richest people funded the creation of floating city they called Atlantis, with its own police force and highway. On the other hand, Florida's government is funded and staffed by the few who have enough money to concern themselves with such matters, and even then most of the budget goes to an understaffed Florida Border Patrol.[1]

Areas of Florida[]

Known settlements[]

  • Atlantis
  • Clearwater
  • Daytona Beach
  • Jacksonville
  • Melbourne
  • Miami
  • Pensacola (ghost town as of 2020)
  • St. Petersburg (ghost town as of 2020)
  • Tallahassee
  • Tampa (ghost town as of 2020)
  • West Palm Beach


  • The Everglades
  • Gulf Coast
  • Tampa Bay



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