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Freedom and Liberty for the American Media, (stylized as: Freedom and Liberty for the American MEdia) or FLAME, is a citizen's group trying to unfetter the ISA media.[citation needed]


Originated in Tennessee but have managed to inspire affiliates around the country, anywhere there are citizens who retain enough clearheadedness to realize how tainted their news and entertainment has become. They work to pass local petitions and movements to open up more public access airtime and reduce the content limitations on broadcasters. They have occasionally managed to get programming aired that would otherwise be censored. For example, a massive sign-up campaign forced the governor of Oregon to allow statewide satellite access to BBCl.

Unfortunately, these victories have been largely pyrrhic, as the DSA heavily monitors FLAME's activities. You can bet that if they were on the verge of accomplishing anything truly spectacular, that CorpSec or the Media Council would find some reason to legally discredit them or shut them down outright. As it stands, they are tolerated as an example of the "open-minded" policies of the ISA government, which means that they serve the Machine's propaganda purpose.

How to Contact[]

FLAME has offices and Net access across the country, but you can bet that the DSA is listening. Careful personal contact of FLAME representatives may be most effective, but remember: While they support freedom of speech, there is no guarantee that the person you deal with is ready to deal with the CyberEvolved or the CyberRevolution. Be cautious about what you reveal.

What They Do for You[]

It probably comes down to what you can do for them. They are getting pretty proficient at public campaigns, both in terms of boycotts and viewer write-ins. Your best bet might be to turn them on to an issue, quietly help them discover the most desirable resolution, then cover their backs against DSA intervention.