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A fixer is an intermediary, a middleman between mercs and clients. Fixers provide clients with tried-and-true professionals (netrunners, solos, techies, etc.), while they offer mercs regular gigs and a sure payout.

— Loading screen, Cyberpunk 2077

Fixers are the well-connected fencers, smugglers, and information brokers who apply their trade on the black market. As they are so well-connected to comings and goings on the streets, they can locate, acquire and know about a desired person, place or thing within their area of operation. Protocol for exfiltration of payload from target ecosystem covers all traces through decoys and fakes so as to maximize confusion.

Who Are They[]

You realized fast that you weren't ever going to get into a Corporate job. And you didn't think your were tough enough or crazy enough to be a Solo either. But as a small time punk, you knew you had a knack for figuring out what other people wanted, and how to get it for them. For a price, of course.

Now your deals have moved past the nickle-and-dime stuff into the big time. Maybe you move illegal weapons over the border. Or steal and resell medical supplies from the Corporations. Perhaps you're a skill broker—acting as an agent for high priced Solos and Runners or even hiring a whole Nomad pack to back a client's contacts. You buy and sell favors like an old-style Mafia godfather. You have connections into all kinds of businesses, deals and political groups. You don't do this directly, of course—no, you see your contacts and allies as a part of vast web of intrigue and coercion. If there's a hot nightclub in the City, you've bought into it. If there are new military-class weapons on the Street, you smuggled'em in. If there's a Corporate war going down, you're negotiating between sides with an eye on the main chance.

But you're not entirely in it for the bucks. If someone needs to get the heat off, you'll hide them. You get people housing when there isn't any, and you bring in food when the neighborhoods are blockaded. Maybe you do it because you know they'll owe you later, but you're not sure. You're one part Robin Hood and two parts Al Capone. Back in the 90's, they would have called you a crimelord. But this is the fragmented, deadly 2020s. Now they call you a Fixer.

Database Entry (2077)[]



Now, you could take gigs yourself, but when you get hazed once or twice – or get a dose of lead in lieu of payment – you might start looking around for a good fixer. Prove yourself, and you'll never have to worry about your next gig again. The fixer will choose your crew, negotiate a decent payout (after all, he or she's taking a cut), and pull you out of whatever shit you might land in on the job (unless it was your gonk fault, in which case – you're on your own). Fixers are organizers, agents, go-betweens; they know the latest word on the street, they know who pays right and whose gigs stink from a mile away. Each one has his or her own way of getting things done, but they all follow a certain code of honor: if you work for one, they'll never leave you high and dry. Of course, this code goes both ways. Go ahead, try and haze Wakako Okada or Padre – see what happens.[1]

Special Abilities[]

Streetdeal: The special Ability of the fixer is to be able to negotiate a Street Deal. If the fixer's Customer accepts the deal then this customer is on "a run." Runs are jobs that the Fixer offers to give their customers money to buy equipment, supplies, etc.

Notable Fixers in the 2070s[]


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