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Look out, choom! Spoilers from Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty to follow!

Firestarter is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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Immediately following I've Seen That Face Before, V and Alena Xenakis (disguised as the Cassel twins) drive to the stadium. The pair is greeted by Albert Murphy, a Barghest soldier, upon arrival. Murphy escorts V and Alex, informing the pair that Barghest is alert to possible a FIA operation, and that the pair needs to deposit their weapons in a locker before meeting with Hansen.

During the meeting, Hansen tests the identities of V and Alex. Too many incorrect responses will trigger an immediate game-over. You can use the dossier and knowledge of previous quests for hints on responding. Correct responses will differ depending on which twin V impersonates. Some incorrect responses can be saved with a valid follow-up response or with 20 Cool.

As Aurore Cassel:

  • When offered a drink, take the drink.
  • On gambling at the Black Sapphire, answer according to whether the twins won or lost the final bet in You Know My Name.
  • While in prison, Aurore spent time in the VIP wing, and would not know prisoners from other cell blocks.
  • Aurore is a fan of Kerry Eurodyne's style.
  • Aurore is marked for death by France's underworld, so working with them would either be impossible or require a significant payout for the risk.

As Aymeric Cassel:

  • On gambling at the Black Sapphire, answer according to whether the twins won or lost the final bet in You Know My Name.
  • When asked about a classic car, answer that you were interested in the Porsche 911.
  • When offered a drink, either don't take the drink or give it to Aurore.
  • Aymeric does not remember their time with Petrochem, as their memories for those years were stolen.

After talking with Hansen, Songbird will arrive and lead V to the Neural Matrix. From here, V can help Songbird escape or help Reed capture Songbird. Phantom Liberty's main storyline will branch off depending on V's choice.

V betrays Solomon Reed:

After acquiring the Neural Matrix, it's time to signal Alex to eliminate Hansen. Songbird will breach the stadium, opening your escape route with her providing support via hacks. If you return to Hansen's body, you can loot two of his weapons: Bald Eagle and Wild Dog. Continue and navigate the first area to retrieve V's weapons. Afterward, proceed through the market area. Murphy will arrive - sneak around him or defeat and loot him for the iconic weapon Murphy's Law. Continue working towards the exit, avoiding or fighting a few drones. Once you reach the homeless camp, continue following the prompts until you both drive away, completing the quest and starting The Killing Moon.

V betrays Songbird:

After obtaining the Neural Matrix, Songbird will alert Hansen to the ruse. Hansen eliminates Alex, while V's ICEbreaker neutralizes Songbird's attack. Songbird escapes in the ensuing cinematic, creating an opening for V to follow. Navigate the stadium, collecting V's weapons on your way. At the market entrance, Hansen and several Barghest soldiers will ambush V. Hansen starts the fight with his light machine gun and revolver. At 50% health, Hansen switches to a knife and charges V. Defeat Hansen and loot him for his weapons: Bald Eagle, Fang, and Wild Dog. Descend to the parking garage and escape the stadium with Reed. Watch MaxTac capture Songbird, completing the quest and starting Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos.

Journal Entry[]

Think it's clear by now this ain't one of those stories that comes out all giggles and hugs. It's like I said – finger's on the trigger, just gotta decide who you got down your sights. Assumin' Hansen doesn't pull one on you first, of course. Good luck. And choose wisely.


  • Drive to the stadium.
  • Wait for vehicle ID verification.
  • Park the car.
  • Get out of the car.
  • Follow Alex.
  • Talk to Murphy.
  • Follow Murphy.
    • Get in the elevator.
    • Take the elevator with Murphy.
    • Deposit your weapons.
    • Talk to Murphy.
  • Talk to Hansen.
  • Follow Songbird.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Connect to the mainframe.

If V decides to betray Reed:

  • Follow Songbird's instructions.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Follow Songbird.
  • Escape the secured area with Songbird.
    • Retrieve your gear from the locker.
  • Wait for Songbird to open the doors.
  • Reach the market exit with Songbird.
  • Escape the stadium with Songbird.
    • Move the crates to open a path.
  • Open the sewer gate.
  • Jump out of the sewer to the ground.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Lead Songbird out of the homeless camp.
  • Talk to Songbird.

If V decides to betray Songbird:

  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Escape the secured area.
    • Retrieve your gear from the locker.
  • Reach the market exit.
  • Escape the market.
    • Neutralize Hansen and his soldiers.
    • Search Hansen.
  • Take the elevator to the garage.
  • Meet with Reed.
  • Get in the car.
  • Talk to Reed.

Associated Shards[]