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I'm more than a chop-doc. See, I know what people truly want. To be flattered, praised, patted. To feel like... like they deserve it.

— Fingers, Cyberpunk 2077

Finn "Fingers" Gerstatt is a ripperdoc in Cyberpunk 2077.


Fingers is an eccentric ripperdoc, living in Japantown, Westbrook in 2077. He dresses up in sexually suggestive garments, sporting a leather collar around his neck, a cropped mesh tank top, panther shorts, pink slippers, an entire arm covered in marks of kissing lips and a bite mark on the other arm, an assortment of gaudy bracelets, rings, and long fake nails. He also wears a utility belt with disinfectant around the side of his hip. His clinic is located on the second floor of a run-down flophouse in a back alley of Jig-Jig Street. His clientele consists almost entirely of sex workers and drug addicts with little or no money. Fingers usually offers his ripperdoc services for free to new clients, asking them to pay only what they can, but this generosity is deceptive. The implants and prosthetics offered by Fingers are second-hand retreads at best, and at worst they are obsolete, damaged, or defective. These shoddy implants cause his patients more problems down the line, forcing them to return to him sooner or later out of desperation. Fingers then preys on them, groping them during procedures and knowing they will tolerate it because they cannot afford a more scrupulous ripperdoc. Investigating the smuggling ring on Kabuki Market, ex-cop Anna Hamill was told that Fingers is a likely recipient of "orphaned" cyberware from victims of Jotaro Shobo's deadly XBD workshop.[1][2][3]

Woodman goes to Fingers for help fixing Evelyn Parker's cyberware after she is infected with a potent virus sent by the Voodoo Boys and rendered comatose. When Fingers fails to revive her, Woodman leaves Parker with him as payment and washes his hands of the matter. Fingers continues tinkering with Parker's cyberware, but is unable to restore the registry chip and contacts his fixer, Wakako Okada, to get rid of her. Two Scavengers come by his clinic to pick up Parker, and Fingers overhears them discuss using her in their snuff braindances.[4]

The merc V later traces Parker to Fingers and arrives at his clinic along with Judy Álvarez to interrogate him. After a roundabout conversation during which his repulsiveness provokes Judy into slapping him, Fingers tells them everything he knows about Parker to get them to leave, and then locks himself in his room. Should V choose to punch Fingers during the conversation, at their next encounter he will complain about his jaw having been broken and will refuse to offer V his services. Fingers may or may not also be killed by V.[5]

Database Entry[]

Finn Gerstatt

Jig-Jig Street's "best" ripperdoc. "Fingers" - as he calls himself - thinks very highly of himself. Truth is, he's just not the worst. What he lacks in equipment he makes up for with his determination and resourcefulness, which is why some also call him the recycle-doc. His services are sought after not only by the sex workers off Jig-Jig Street, but the whole city - Fingers can fix just about anything and will always start a tab when you're flat broke. True, his quirkiness, obsession with the human body, or his clammy hands can put some people off, but then again - he's, ahem, the best Jig-Jig Street's got.[4]

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  • Fingers becomes available as a vendor at the start of Act 2, and Cyberware can be purchased from him at any time until the start of The Space in Between. He will resume selling Cyberware after Disasterpiece is completed as long as V did not punch him.
  • Fingers cannot be killed until after The Space in Between has been completed. Killing him counts as a crime, and will permanently lock off access to his inventory.